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The Ordinary Are Now Doing Cleansers - Here's What We Know About Them

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Despite causing huge concern (and a few product burnings) earlier this year when Deciem CEO (or worker as he is now known) Brandon Truaxe went rogue on Instagram in possibly the strangest series of posts we’ve ever seen from someone that isn’t Kanye West, The Ordinary is still releasing new products. This time, it’s cleansers. Yes, they may be a hugely successful skincare range, but this is their first foray into cleansers- and as usual the names and ingredients are as wildly straight forward as ever.

Posting a video on Instagram of himself using the product, Brandon demonstrated using one of the new cleansers, 2% salicylic acid with activated charcoal. He described the product as ‘more of a mask, that you leave on for between 3 and 10 minutes on your face, and it just opens up pores’. Applying the product all over his face, in honestly such a haphazard way we we’re slightly taken aback, he says ‘you can massage it, and remember salicylic acid goes inside the pores and it’s one of my favourite acids of all the acids, that I don’t really like too much’

Other products include a 10% azelaic acid cleanser, supposed to help redness, a squalene oil-based cleanser gel ‘which is fantastic’ according to Brandon, and ‘a few other oil cleansers’.

Salicylic Acid

Not to be used on sensitive, dry, or cracked skin, Salicylic acid is a famed exfoliant that aims to remove whiteheads and blackheads. The Ordinary's website states it is not a treatment for 'extensive or persistent' acne, a breath of fresh air from various other products that claim to be acne's worst enemy (eye roll).

Azelaic Acid

All about improving the evenness of your skin, azelaic acid is supposed to brighten your skin tone, in turn reducing blemishes and redness. It is produced by yeast that lives on normal skin, and has been dubbed a gentle exfoliant that works to refine the skins surface and unclog pores.

Squalene Oil

Another product found naturally on the skin, squalene oil it's primary use is hydration. Helping your skin stay supple and soft, it aims to smooth out dry skin and helps regulate oil production. The thin, lightweight texture means it's fast absorbing and non-greasy, a world away from most other facial oils...

What else is The Ordinary releasing?

Just last month, they announced an entire new subline, Abnomaly, with lip balms such as Petrowhat? that, as the name suggests, don’t contain any petroleum (the main ingredient in Vaseline). Then, the skincare brand launched its venture into haircare, announcing the Multi-Peptime Serum for Hair Density, which promises to bring fullness to thinner hair.

The cleansers don’t have a release date yet, nor has the packaging been revealed, but it’s safe to say that fans of the cult beauty brand are waiting with their cards at the ready to stock up on the latest range. The long-awaited cleanser line is likely to come after the sun care range, which is due out any day now.

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