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Everything Is Under £10 At This Beauty Brand Which Rivals The Ordinary

© The Inkey List

The Inkey List might be your next basic beauty obsession

Gone are the days of expensive skincare products packaged in silver and gold with complicated names and ingredients lists as long as your arm. Now everything is more… well, ordinary.

Bottles are small, white and simply labelled – branding is pared back and non-fussy and product names are as short and clear as possible.

A new beauty brand is capitalising on this appetite for simple skincare, creating 15 products based on key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C – and everything is under £10.

The Inkey List was started by Colette Newberry, former COO at WAH Nails, and Mark Curry former senior buying manager at Boots.

The pair not only wanted to sell effective products, but to educate people are what can sometimes be the very confusing and buzz-word heavy world of beauty and skincare.

‘There is a growing wave of consumers that are realising you don’t have to spend a fortune to get incredible skincare but our thinking was, how do we go on to democratise this even further?’ Newberry told British Vogue’s Funmi Fetto in an interview.

‘Yes, we wanted to make sure the price point was accessible but what we felt was missing in the industry was accessibility to information and understanding. We did a lot of research and discovered thousands of people that are interested in skincare but just don’t know where to start.’

‘There are so many questions. "How does vitamin C actually work for my skin type? Does/should this product replace something else I am currently using? At what point do I use this particular product?" People are confused. Giving someone access to retinol at £6 is fantastic but not if you don’t understand how to use it.’

The brand officially launched today, and the questions have already started rolling in. Log on to The Inkey Lists’s website and you’ll be presented with a text box ready for your beauty questions – and a counter showing you how many questions have already been asked – 287 at the time of writing.

Head over to the brand’s Instagram account and you’ll find they’ve been busy on Instagram Stories using the question feature answering queries such as ‘What’s the bets thing to use for acne/acne scarring?’ and ‘What do you recommend to help shrink pores?’ with indepth replies.

It remains to be seen whether customers trust advice from a brand instead of independent bloggers or journalists, but the price point and focus on the ingredients everyone is searching for have definitely got our attention.

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