The Latest Designer Collab You’re Going To Really Want? It Involves A Stanley Cup And Hydrating Skincare

We couldn't dream up a more hydrating duo.

by Georgia Scott |
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Collaborations such as Rhode x Krispy Creme, or Charlotte Tilbury x Disney prove that when two iconic products come together, they can create something even better. So, when Stanley and Elizabeth Arden announced a partnership, we were equal parts amused, curious - and incredibly excited.

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated, and products such as the now-viral Stanley Cup have made drinking enough water easier than ever. The aesthetically-pleasing water bottle became popular on TikTok for its impressive colour range, generating waiting lists upon waiting lists of eager shoppers - not to mention the vast range of celebrity followers who can't leave the house without theirs (Adele and Olivia Rodrigo, to name a few). But, other than getting enough H2O, hydrating our skin with the right products is also crucial. That's where Elizabeth Arden comes in.

Every beauty lover has the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream stacked in their beauty cupboard at all times - it's basically mandatory, at this point. The rich, multi-purpose formula treats everything from dryness to irritation and instantly hydrates, and has been a bathroom cabinet mainstay since 1930 (!) to help soothe and hydrate all areas of the body. And don't just take our word for it. The Eight Hour Cream has loyal celebrity fanbase such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and yes - Prince Harry.

Bringing together two hydrating heroes that are a crucial part of our day-to-day, Stanley x Elizabeth Arden just makes sense. The bundle is complete with the Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, Elizabeth Arden's Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant and the brand new Eight Hour HydraPlay Skin Perfecting Daily Moisturiser. It's a three step process: You wake up and hydrate with the Stanley Quencher, apply the new Eight Hour Hydraplay to help restore the skin's barrier and refine pores, and finally, apply the cult Eight Hour Cream to your hands, feet and everything in-between.

Looking to make two mundane tasks the best part of your daily routine? Add this iconic collab straight into your basket to keep you feeling inside - and out.

Worth £110

Elizabeth Arden X Stanley Ultimate Hydration BundleElizabeth Arden X Stanley

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