‘It Made My Lashes So Long I Had To Trim Them!’ Says Charli Howard Of This Wonder Lash Serum

Even Meghan Markle and Vogue Williams are fans

Lash Serums

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Lash serums are a go-to beauty buy for those keen to boost the length and volume of their natural lashes, and there's one in particular that seems to have beauty obsessives and celebrities alike in a spin - RevitaLash Advanced, £89. In 2019 (ah, the good old days) one of these cult lash serums sold every 33 seconds globally. Fast forward to 2020, and sales have spiked a further 40% in the UK. Forty per cent! That's a lot of lengthy lash action.

RevitaLash is a lash serum beloved by The Duchess of Sussex who told Allure magazine, 'I also use RevitaLash on my eyelashes, and I swear they are as long as they could ever be.' When a beauty product comes highly recommended by Meghan, a global personality with access to every brand going, you know it's doing something right. Likewise Vogue Williams has been equally vocal about her love for the cult buy. Vogue got into the habit of putting on a layer of RevitaLash every night and says ' I did it for a month and it works, it’s amazing, I keep telling everyone about it, I am just like WOW this actually works!'. Proof that it definitely does work, model Charli Howard just recently said of the serum – ‘this made my lashes so long that I actually had to trim them lol!’

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How Do Lash Serums Actually Work?

Your lashes go through three different stages - a growth phase, a transition phase and a resting phase. The growth phase does what it says on the tin. Your lashes growth spans across 30-40 days until they stop. Next comes the transition phase. At this point the lash has stopped growing but is not quite ready to shed. This phase can last for around 2-3 weeks. Finally? The resting phase. Here your lash is preparing to shed so the growth cycle can start anew. Why is it called a resting phase? Because it can stay there, gearing up to shed, for as long as 3 months.

Lash serums work to improve the strength and condition of your lashes so that they are less likely to fall out or break off during those 3 months in the resting phase that they are preparing to shed. The result? Lashes that appear fuller and longer.

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Yes You Can Use A Lash Serum Whilst Wearing Make-Up

RevitaLash can be used just before bed or in the morning a few minutes before you apply your make-up - you have to make sure that the formula is fully dry before you reach for your mascara or eye shadows.

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