Is Binky Felstead’s ‘Pregnancy Lip Plump’ A Thing? We Ask An Expert

Dr Anita Sturnham explains the science behind this pregnancy phenomenon

Binky Felstead

by Annie Vischer |
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Let's talk about the pregnancy lip plump phenomenon. Pregnancy comes with a wealth of side effects, not all of them entirely desirable, but one pinpointed by none other than Binky Felstead recently, who is pregnant with her second child (a boy!), isn't all that bad. Binky took to her Instagram grid to showcase her 'natural pregnancy lip plump.'

Binky wrote in her caption 'Eyes too sore and tired to put mascara on anymore, however my natural pregnancy lip plump has come through so all okay! Does anyone know why this happens? Wish it stayed!'. The comments section below Binky's post soon filled up with similar anecdotes, signalling the 'pregnancy lip plump' is a prenatal phenomenon many are familiar with. So why does it happen?

What is the 'pregnancy lip plump' and why does it happen?

According to GP and skin health specialist Dr Anita Sturnham there is a solid scientific explanation for that pregnancy lip plump effect. 'During pregnancy our hormones go crazy. We start producing more oestrogen and progesterone hormones and the placenta also produces its own sex steroid hormones,' explains Dr Anita, 'this hormone surge can result in swelling in your hands, feet, gums, labia and even your lips.'

Dr Anita continues, 'we also know that our blood volume increases rapidly during pregnancy too and that increased blood flow can add to the swelling. Most women are delighted to see the water retention and swelling drop off after pregnancy, but they often miss the plumper lips and many come to see me at my clinic for lip plumping treatments afterwards to recreate the look.'

So there you have it. Make the most of that pregnancy lip plump while you can!

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