This £135 Serum Promises A ‘Powerful Emotional Reset’ – But Does It Really Work?

It's backed by 10 years of research.


by Rachael Martin |
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As a beauty editor I like to think I know my stuff – especially when it comes to skincare. Yet, with the abundance of new launches all claiming to boast the best, most pioneering technology I’m the first to admit it can be more than just a little overwhelming. While I’m utterly unwavering on the best moisturiser for my skin type (it’s Sisley’s Black Rose Cream, just FYI) there was space in my bathroom cabinet for a new serum – especially for one created by the founders of Sisley itself.

Back to Sisley Paris for a moment – the brand has established itself as the gold standard among beauty editors the world over, so the fact its founders would consider launching something new (never mind another skincare brand) raised eyebrows among Sisley devotees - myself included. What could they possibly do that was different? And, perhaps more importantly, what could they possibly do that was better? But that’s where Neuraé come in - the first neuroscience-based skincare brand.

Neuraé: Neuroscience-Based Skincare

What, exactly, is a skincare brand based on neuroscientific research? ‘It’s creating closer links between our skin and brain,’ says the brand's notes. ‘New, neuroscientific discoveries have inspired us to view beauty through a new dimension.’ It goes on to cite that, until now, skincare has mostly served one purpose – defying the signs of genetic and epigenetic ageing – essentially everything we’re exposed to internally and externally throughout our lives. Certainly, bolstering your complexion against these types of ageing is always helpful, but Neuraé believe in the importance of a third influence – our emotions.

Research undertaken over 10 years by Sisley Group Laboratories identified how our most common negative expressions (tiredness, sadness, and stress) can shape our face, ‘destroying the harmony of our complexion.’ These scientists developed a proprietary NA3 technology, a three-part complex that focuses on ingredients, fragrances, and textures with the belief that, when combined, they would positively impact the skin and mind. These scientific findings would be packaged into a succinct edit of skincare products called Neuraé - Neur: from the greek neuron, 'sinew, cord, nerve,' and aè: for 'Activated by Emotions.'

What Does The Neuraé Harmonie The Serum Do?

Made as the essential first step in the Neuraé routine (the brand says it works best when used in tandem with its creams), the serum has been formulated ‘to reset your skin and soul to zero before activating the desired emotional states, allowing features to look less rigid and more expressive.' It’s backed by some impressive stats too - in a six-week clinical study with women between the ages 29 and 45, 95% of those reported that their feeling of well-being immediately increased. 95% believed their complexion was fresher, too. It's impressive stuff.

How To Use Neuraé Harmonie The Serum

The role of a serum is to apply active ingredients into the skin, so it’s a great way to amplify the efficacy of your moisturiser. The ideal process follows five steps, and, spoiler alert, it's considerably more in-depth than your standard serum regime.

  1. Place two drops of the rebalancing serum on the fingertips of both hands and join your hands together. Position them level with your forehead and breathe in deeply, hold for two seconds and breathe out deeply, lowering them to the level of your chest.

  2. Using your fingertips spread the product over the entire face.

  3. Bring your hands together at the centre of your face and then, using your fingertips, spread the product by stretching your cheekbones and then smoothing your forehead from your eyebrows to the top of your forehead. Then. slide your hands from your forehead to the chin in a circular motion. Finally, using your fingertips, move down the length of your neck and finish by applying light pressure to the collar bone.

  4. Join your middle fingers at the level of the 'third eye', then with the pads of your fingers, apply pressure going up along the midline of the forehead on 3 points (third eye, centre of the forehead, hairline). Slide towards the temples and apply pressure on the temples.

  5. Take a deep breath and place your fingertips between your eyebrows, breathing out while applying gentle pressure.

Shop: Neuraé Harmonie The Serum

'Resetting and transformative.'

This one boasts some pretty impressive ingredients too - there's red indigo extract, scutellaria extract, and eperua extract, well known for their ability to moisturise, tone, and hydrate.

Neuraé says, 'A reharmonising serum that helps restore the skin's balance to a more positive state and support its resilience. Day after day, your features look less rigid and more expressive.'


  • Glass bottle with at least 15% recycled glass
  • Box made from at least 40% recycled paper
  • 96% ingredients of natural origin
  • Suited to all skin types


  • Undoubtedly expensive

How We Tested It

At Grazia, it’s important that, where possible, we test products for at least three months before reviewing – this is so we can be certain that we’re seeing (or not seeing) tangible results. I’ve just reached the three-month mark here and no more, but the serum has become a consistent part of my daily skincare routine - and yes, I did follow the thorough application practice to a tee. While it's recommended that you use it as one part of a full Neuraé routine, you can use it on its own too.

Our Verdict And Overall Rating

Rachael Martin, junior beauty editor:

‘It’s expensive stuff, make no mistake, but it’s a purchase that feels like the best kind of investment. The packaging is a treat and the formula itself is light, sinking into my skin with ease. And of course, the scent. Oh, the scent! It's beautifully subtle and spa-like resulting in it being a total pleasure to apply. And while Neuraé is obviously backed by some of the most pioneering scientific research, in its purest form it’s totally straightforward - happy emotions equate to happy skin, and vice versa. While I’ve only used it for the last three months, in this time I’ve seen a definite improvement in my complexion – it’s brighter and bouncier, there’s no doubt. And hey, perhaps my mood is too. The time I spend massaging, inhaling and sweeping has become something of a ritual - a precious few moments for myself in and amongst the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Neuraé, thus far? It’s looking (and feeling) positive. 4/5

Rachael Martin is Grazia’s Junior Beauty Editor where she covers all things beauty, health and wellness.

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