How To Organise Your Make-Up And Skincare Stash Like A Pro

Looking to get on top of your beauty admin? Here's how to stash your beauty haul in The. Most. Organised. Way. Possible.

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by Joely Walker |

Has Pinterest's swathes of neat, colour co-ordinated Muji boxes of make-up got you dreaming of a more ordered beauty stash? If you're suffering from a serious case of storage envy, you're certainly not alone - lockdown has seen even the messiest of us swat up on our organisational skills and fix up our storage acts.

And with demands come supply, which is why the latest boxes to hit the market have serious shelfie/dressing table appeal. Take iDesign Signature Series x Sarah Tanno's new range of beauty organisers, for instance. Tanno is Lady Gaga's go-to make-up artist who wanted a functional yet beautiful space to store her kit. The 28-piece collection of organisers, made from recycled plastic, includes drawers, racks for palettes and square lipstick holders (all available on Amazon).

To help you get organised, we've rounded up some top tips from our favourite industry professionals on how they keep their kit in check as well as our favourite organisers...

Where should I store my make-up?

'Beauty products and heat rarely mix well,' explains hair stylist Adam Reed. ‘Sunlight or warmth from radiators can wreck products, so I keep them cool in my kit bag,' he says.

Attracta Courntey, a make-up artist who’s worked with everyone from Eva Longoria to Sienna Miller, goes one step further. ‘I store mists and toners in the fridge,’ she says. ‘It keeps them out of the way and guarantees a refreshing cool spritz on the skin.'

Where should I store the make-up I use every day?

James Read, tanner to the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, swears by keeping his essentials all in one, unfussy and organised place, as it’s ideal for last-minute travelling.

‘As I’m always on the go, having my kit as organised as possible means I’m always prepared and professional. Over a few weeks, assess what you use daily and keep these all together. You’ll be amazed how much tidier everything stays,’ he says.

For more inspiration, shop from our edit of the best make-up organisers below...


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How can I keep my beauty products fresher for longer?

Millie Kendall MBE, CEO of the British Beauty Council, swears by packing all her eye and lip pencils with the nib facing downwards. ‘I have this notion that the oils in the pencil drains away from the nib if it’s stored with the lid up,' she says.

It’s a little known fact that most of our beauty products contain a best before date. Look for a small tub symbol on the box or the back of your cosmetics, the number within it is the amount of months the product is at its best. If it’s past the date, the product is past its best.

Where can I get make-up storage solutions from?

Chintzy vanity cases have had their day. Instead, we advise systematically storing your beauty routine away in clear Muji packaging so you can see products easily while keeping a stylish edge.

Make-up artist Florrie White agrees: ‘I love the transparent Perspex Drawers from Muji for my personal make-up, they keep it clean and in order. I simply pull out the draw, choose a colour, use and put away.'

Then there are the beauty brownie and Insta points that come with a cleaned out candle pot to hold your lip pencils, eyeliners, make-up brushes - you name it. The pros suggest the best way to clean out your candle before using it as a storage solution is to freeze it overnight before scooping out the leftover wax at the bottom. If there's some stubborn wax lingering, try putting some boiling water into the jar (in the sink), and leaving it for an hour or so until the remaining wax has floated to the surface.

What should I throw away?

A recent study found women spend, on average, £116,495 in a lifetime on their skincare and beauty regime. Combine this with the fact that we give up on three quarters of the new skincare we buy (leaving it to gather dust on our shelves), and you have a serious beauty backlog.

Legendary make-up artist, Mary Greenwell’s best advice is to edit your collection regularly: ‘Treat your make-up and beauty products as you would your wardrobe - you have to cull items you don’t use on a regular basis.'

What about for when I'm on the go?

Liz Martins, international make-up artist, uses Muji Pill Boxes to store her complete look without lugging about all the packaging. You could also invest in re-fillable products, which in turn are kinder to the environment. Bobbi Brown’s Fillable Face Palettes are a great example.

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