I Tried The £12.99 Vitamin C Fluid That Sells Every Single Minute On TikTok Shop

Does it live up to the hype?

Garnier Vitamin C SPF Fluid

by Georgia Scott |
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If there are two skincare ingredients which experts always suggest will help to slow down the ageing process and visibly brighten your complexion, its SPF and vitamin C. The skincare power couple are crucial to every beauty routine, and have joined forces in a serum which has now achieved viral fame. Garnier's Vitamin C UV Fluid has been spotted all over TikTok - with one selling every single minute over on TikTok Shop.

With the sun slowly making an appearance, the importance of introducing SPF into your skincare routine is key. Much like SPF, vitamin C is one of those skincare ingredients not to sleep on. With multiple benefits including brightening, improving the appearance of dark spots and toning the skin, Garnier's viral Vit C Fluid is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, and introduce both vitamin C and SPF into your daily routine.

But, as we know, TikTok fame is not always equivalent to a genuinely good beauty product, so I decided to test whether this one is actually worth the hype.

What is the difference between Glow Fluid and Invisible Fluid?

Depending on whether you prefer a tinted, glowing base or a completely invisible SPF, there are two types of Garnier Daily UV Fluid. The invisible version has been formulated with additional hyaluronic acid and peptides, whereas the Glow edition is formulated with 2% niacinamide and has a subtle radiant tint.

What did I think overall?

I got my hands on the Glow Fluid version of the product, and as someone who wears SPF daily, I was instantly super impressed with how light the formula felt on the skin. At first, I was concerned that the tint was too dark for my skin tone but in fact it blends out into a sheer, glowing base that reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter.

One of my essentials when shopping for a new SPF is that the product needs to feel light on the skin, and not only does this fluid feel lightweight but it also super hydrating.

Looking to shop? Now is the perfect time to ick up a new SPF, and the best bit? It's under £15.

SHOP: Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Fluid

Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Fluid SPF50+ GlowGarnier

This radiant, brightening formula feels weightless and treats the skin as it protects. The blend of vitamin C and niacinamide works to brighten, tone and balance the skin as it gets to work to protect against harmful UV rays.

Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Fluid SPF50+ Invisible Garnier

Garnier's invisible UV fluid formula is seamless and light on the skin. The nourishing, protective formula sits comfortably under make-up to hydrate the skin throughout the day.

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