The Feelgood Files: Gemma Atkinson Reveals The Must-Haves That Make Her Smile

Actress and presenter Gemma Atkinson talks us through all her favourite mood-boosters

The Feelgood Files: Gemma Atkinson

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Gemma Atkinson kicked off her career in Hollyoaks and appeared beneath the glitter ball on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017 (she even made it to the final), where she met her now partner Gorka Marquez. Now a radio presenter, mother to daughter Mia, and a proud and loving owner of a pack of glossy-haired dogs, Gemma lets us in to all her feelgood favourites (that's the idea of The Feelgood Files after all!). We're talking Mexican food, beauty staples, and Tom Hardy focused Instagram accounts. She's only human.

The song I listen to when I need a boost: Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’, it motivates me with the lyrics and Alicia’s voice is incredible!

The book I can’t put down: I’ve just finished Demi Moore’s autobiography Inside out which I loved and I’m currently mid-way through Jessica Simpson’s Open Book which is brilliant.

The Instagram page @tomhardyholdingdogs brings me joy, what more do you want to see in life?!

My go-to feelgood recipe: I love making a vegetarian chilli with nachos, guacamole and cheese and I have my chilli with rice and garlic bread. Mexican food is my favourite. I’m vegetarian so I always cook a lot of bean-based recipes.

The Instagram account that brings me joy: The Instagram page @tomhardyholdingdogsbrings me joy, what more do you want to see in life?!

What never fails to make me smile: My daughter Mia always makes me smile in the mornings. When she sees me after her naps it’s always like the first time and she grins from ear to ear and reaches her arms out for me to pick her up.

My favourite supplement: Every morning without fail I have a glass of BoxedOff Super Greens, £22, it's a vegan company. It’s an alkaline powder full of veggie goodness and it tastes great too.

**My favourite at-home workout:**My favourite at home work out is skipping. I always take a rope with me when travelling. It’s quick, it’s light to carry and with just 15 mins HIIT skipping you it can get such a good sweat on.

My feel-good at-home beauty routine: A bath with Lucy Bee Epsom Salts, £4.95, then exfoliating my skin and following with a face mask and moisturiser. I also love a cup of camomile tea in bed afterwards.

My fail-safe face mask: The Tropic Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask, £22. I love their stuff as it’s all 100% cruelty free and natural.

Another song that makes me smile: Songbird by Eva Cassidy. It was my nana and granddad’s song and we played it at their funerals. I know it sounds morbid but when I hear it, it reminds me of them so I always smile at the fond memories we had.

The smell that lifts my mood: I love Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne 50ml, £69. My house is full of the candles too.

The movie I’ll happily watch again and again: I’d happily watch The Burbs over and over, I love Tom Hanks! Also Beetlejuice and The Goonies. I love the older movies. They remind me of my childhood in such a warm-hearted way.

The Netflix show I tell everyone to watch: Before The Flood really opened my eyes as to what’s happening to our planet. It’s a documentary made with Leo Di Caprio highlighting the effects of global warming. It’s a tough watch in parts and it did make me cry. But I think it’s something we all need to see to be able to act on making our small changes to help.

My happy place: My happy place is at home, with all my family round for a big dinner and drinks in the garden. There’d be around 15 of us. A house isn’t a home unless it’s filled with the people you love, and dogs of course!

A final feelgood note from me: If someone doesn’t know you, don’t take it personally. Life’s too short.

Shop: Gemma Atkinson's Favourite Mood-Boosters


Shop: Gemma Atkinson Mood Boosters

BoxedOff Super Greens, £221 of 4

BoxedOff Super Greens, £22

Lucy Bee Epson Bath Salts, £4.952 of 4

Lucy Bee Epson Bath Salts, £4.95

Tropic Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask, £203 of 4

Tropic Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask, £20

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne 50ml, £694 of 4

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne 50ml, £69

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