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Body Admin Diaries: An Industry Insider Who Mixes High Street And High End

© Josephine Clowez

This week we're joined by 27-year-old Emii Lou Ryot, a content planner based in Glasgow...

Having spent two years working for a large cosmetics brand and now running her own indie beauty business and lifestyle blog alongside her job, Emii Lou knows a thing or two about the industry, and the pressures that go with it. “Working in beauty ends up giving you an unrealistic expectation of what you should be doing in terms of body admin. I have an ideal beauty regime I’d like to achieve but the reality is I don’t have the money or time to spend on it. I would still put myself at the higher maintenance end of the spectrum but I’m no Kardashian,” she explained. Here's what a week in body admin looks like for Emii Lou:

Cost of skincare: £161.60

Cost of make-up: £373.45

Cost of bodycare: £204.34

Cost of haircare: £31.74

Total cost: £771.14

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