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My Body Admin Diaries: A Beauty Editor With A Bounty Of Free Products But Very Little Free Time

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What the average week looks like in a beauty editor’s bathroom

The beauty industry is valued at £9.3 billion, but how much time, effort and money does the average woman spend on her body admin? On a mission to destroy the illusion that us ladies spend our precious free time fussing over facials and following fads, we’re asking a cross-section of people how much time they really dedicate to their beauty routine. Do they follow a nine-step Korean programme or are they actually applying their make-up on the bus to work? Let the veil of mystery be lifted once and for all.

This week we’re joined by a 28-year-old beauty editor. She lives alone (read: she doesn’t have to share her bathroom cabinet) and says, ‘I get sent a lot of products to sample but very few make it into my day-to-day routine.’ Instead of relying on freebies she prefers to re-buy her favourite products and has done for years. However, every so often a revolutionary item will stroll into her life and shake up her whole body admin.

Cost of make-up: £190.06

Cost of skincare: £254.07

Cost of bodycare: £185.64

Cost of haircare: £99.99

Total Cost of Body Admin: £733.30*

*As a beauty editor who receives countless samples many of the products featured were gifted for free with the idea the hope they would receive coverage in some form or other.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.