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Body Admin Diaries: Here's What a £1,586 Beauty Routine Looks Like

© Joséphine Clowez

This week we're joined by Marion Kapella, spa director at Adare Manor hotel in Ireland...

Can you imagine a career where facials and massages aren’t a perk but are mandatory? Rock climbing-enthusiast and beauty world geek Marion Kapella oversees the UK’s only La Mer spa (one of just 11 worldwide) where her work days aren’t your typical. Set inside the 5-star Adare Manor hotel in Limerick, this spa is the definition of luxury and she is the cog that keeps its wheels turning. Kapella spends her work-life running day-to-day operations, spearheading marketing strategies, training staff and ensuring every treatment offered is fit to her demanding standards. How does she do this? Testing them out on a routine basis, of course. Though you think this would be enough to stave off an expensive cosmetic habit, if anything its fuelled it. We meet Kapella on a week she has to take a trip to London and trial a massage and a pedicure – poor her!

Cost of skincare: £1084.64

Cost of Makeup : £315.50

Cost of Body Care : £186.06

Total Cost : £1586.20