The 5 Beauty Habits To Adopt During Lockdown

One could make for stronger hair, another for clearer skin, all in four weeks!

Best Beauty Habits

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Lockdown 2.0 is officially upon us and all of a sudden we're faced with a whole lot more time at home to play with. Granted, it's a less than ideal situation, but let's try and look at the positives. That's four whole weeks (roll on 2 December!) at our disposal to get into a few good beauty habits that could change our hair, skin and even mindset altogether. For many of us, lockdown eradicates time spent commuting each day. You could use that extra time to apply a hair mask, to kick back with an extra episode of your favourite show on Netflix and generally spend a bit more time looking after yourself. This is a very anxious and stressful time, yes, but taking a moment for self care every now and then will pay dividends when it comes to your wellbeing and stress levels. So let's get started. Here are the beauty habits we (yes, that's the Grazia beauty team included) will be endeavouring to throw ourselves into during this second bout of lockdown:

1. Make Friends With Hair Masks

This is particularly important during the colder months of the year. Using a nourishing hair mask regularly will up both your hair's strength and condition. According to Redken and Pureology Senior Educator Jimmy Green the hair mask benefits at this time of the year are endless: 'During the winter months the condition of our hair can change. You often find that a change in weather conditions, turning the heating on and using more heat tools can have an effect on our hair's condition. This can cause it to dry out and become brittle. One way to overcome this is to have regular treatments but with the abrupt closure of salons we're going to have to take it into our own hands. A conditioner is great but you might need to use something that gets deeper into her like the smaller molecules of a hair mask.' Jimmy recommends Pureology's new Hydrate Soft Softening Treatment, £28.60, whilst those with curly, textured hair may wish to opt for something like Shea Moisture's Manuka Yogurt & Honey Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment, £10.95.

Get Into The Habit Of: Applying your hair mask once a week at least, twice if your hair's still a little lacklustre.

Best Beauty Habits
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2. Up Your Water Intake

Never underestimate the power of drinking water throughout the day. If someone packaged a few hundred mililitres of mineral water up in a fancy glass bottle and listed its benefits on the back we'd be bulk ordering it on next day delivery. Regularly drinking water throughout the day makes for more radiant skin, often clearer skin and even healthier teeth. Need any more reasons to be more mindful about your water intake? Thought not. According to Dr Thivi Maruthappu, Consultant Dermatologist at the Skin Health Alliance and Olay, drinking (and eating!) plenty of water is a crucial step to maintaining glowing skin: 'Eat plenty of water, yes, eat! Water-rich fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and melon are ideal, melon is 97% water.' According to renowned skin specialist Dr Murad, eating water-rich fruits and vegetables makes for better absorption of H20 into the body.

Get Into The Habit Of: Dr Thivi Maruthappu advises 'aim to drink 2 litres of still water per day and keep things interesting by adding fresh lime or a sprig of mint.'

3. Embrace Body Lotion

When winter arrives and we swathe ourselves in layers it's easy to forget that we exist from the neck down, especially when most of our contact during lockdown takes place via video call. It's important, though, that we take time to moisturise our bodies as well as our faces, as it's our skin as a whole that suffers during winter, not simply that on our face. According to both Clinical Pharmacist Sultan Dajani and Dr Catherine Hood staying inside during winter in particular has a detrimental effect. 'The air indoors is often drier than the air out of doors. We heat the inside of our homes and offices and the air is recirculated resulting in a dry atmosphere, which can play havoc with our skin.' The solution? Make an effort to nourish the skin on your body each and every day. If it's the thought of standing naked, shivering away while you slather on a cold lotion, make friends with body oil. As soon as you've switched off your shower and you're skin's still wet smooth it on. You'll still be warm from your shower, and the oil will act as an occlusive to lock in moisture. Win win!

Get Into The Habit Of: Smoothing on a nourishing body lotion or body oil every day.

Best Beauty Habits
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4. Netflix And Face Massage

A DIY face massage is an incredible way to unlock facial tension and de-stress. Giving yourself a face massage regularly (however quick it is) ups your circulation too, making for healthier skin. Oh and another benefit, if done properly, face massage aids lymphatic drainage, which de-puffs skin and brightens it up too. According to expert facialist Michaela Bolder 'deep pressure massage stimulates warmth and blood circulation, unlocking strain, and allowing facial muscles to relax.’ Need we say more? All you need are your very own hands and fingers and your favourite serum or face oil. Michaela talked Grazia through the perfect DIY face massage, and you can follow along to her instructions right here:

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Get familiar with this incredible DIY massage routine and you're set. Pop on your favourite Netflix show and massage your face while you watch.

Get Into The Habit Of: Massaging your face for at least two minutes every day.

5. Suss Out Your Stress Levels

Stress ties into beauty in a big way. When Lockdown 1.0 hit earlier in the year, many complained of dry skin and limp hair. The reason? Stress. Stress causes your body to concentrate on its major organs and reduces the goodness it sends to your skin and hair in the process. That means that your skin, nails and hair are all more susceptible to dehydration and dullness. Making a concerted effort to reduce your stress levels will make for greater overall wellbeing (most importantly) and better hair, skin and nail condition to boot. Easier said than done though right? In times like this we turn to an expert, and who better to guide us through finding our inner calm in times of stress than one the UK's most influential doctors Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Here he talks Grazia through his '5 Step Release':

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Get Into The Habit Of: Working through Dr Rangan Chatterjee's '5 Step Release' every morning and only watching the news once a day and always at least two hours before your bedtime.

Want An Extra Dose Of Calm During Lockdown 2.0? Invest In One Of Our Favourite Essential Oil Diffusers:


Best Essential Oil Diffusers

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The White Company Set Of 2 Diffuser Oils & Electronic Diffuser, £80

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To use this diffuser fill the tank with water, before adding 5-10 drops of your chosen oil (these are sold separately) and with the touch of a button a fine mist of vapour will scent your surroundings.

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Neal's Yard Maya Diffuser, £60

Because of its larger size, this can diffuse for up to an impressive 6 hours. What's more, the chic rubberwood is built with an LED bulb to create a soft, soothing ambience.

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AromaHome Time Out Marble Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser, £45

Housed in a beautiful pink marble case, this essential oil diffuser features LED lighting to emit a soft white glow and will mist for up to two hours before shutting off when the water gets too low.

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Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser, £30

If you're looking for a more affordable option, try this Aroma Spa Diffuser from Tisserand. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy with chromatherapy through gentle variations of soft coloured light. Double tick!

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Anatome Coral Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier, £95

So chic, this ceramic diffuser comes in rose pink, forest green or white to suit any decor. Simply add your chosen essential oils to the tank and let the scent soothe your mind. This diffuser also humidifies the air to support your breathing.

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John Lewis & Partners House Ultrasonic Diffuser, £50

Turn your home into a sanctuary of calm and tranquility with this stylish diffuser. Complete with 7 different coloured lights to set the mood, simply set the timer to diffuse from 30-minutes to 3-hours and sit back and unwind.

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