Need Your Hair Colour To Last Through Lockdown 2.0? This New £29 Hair Hero Could Be The Answer

It's a brand new launch that's proven to reduce colour fade by 38%!

Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot

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With lockdown 2.0 well and truly in session (roll on 2nd December!) our beloved hairdressers have sadly had to close their doors once more, leaving many of us on the lookout for at-home hair colour maintenance solutions. Sounds familiar? Well there's hope on the hair colour horizon...

Josh Wood's eponymous haircare line is already renowned for its affordable and effective range of at-home hair dyes, root touch ups and gloss shots, and this season he has launched yet ANOTHER game changer for at-home colour care.Strands, meet the Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot, £29 - here's everything you need to know.

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What Is The Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot?

The Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot, £29, is a hair treatment designed to ward off damage caused by hair colouring and prevent colour fade in one. In short, it's a must-have for bridging the gap between colour appointments - making it the perfect addition to your lockdown haircare routine. A little like a multi-vitamin for your hair, it contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E to increase elasticity and cut down on breakage. There's Vitamin B3 in there too, which helps to stimulate scalp blood flow and boost hair growth, as well as boosting hydration levels. Expect softer, stronger hair and colour that stays vibrant for longer. Want the stats? This treatment leaves hair 2.7 times stronger and decreases colour fade by a whopping 38%.

Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot
©Josh Wood Colour

A Word From Josh Wood Himself

'Just like perfect hair colour, we needed the exact blend of ingredients and that takes years of knowhow to get right. There were times when I thought we’d never be able to do this. I’m thrilled I can give women the best hair colour now through the best hair condition. The home hair colour market has not changed for 40 years, I’m keen to shake it up'. Josh Wood.

So How Do We Use It?

This hair treatment is designed to be used in conjunction with a DIY hair dye, in fact you have to buy it alongside your chosen shade in Josh Wood Colour's Permanent Colour range. It's used in the same way that your hair colourist might add in a strengthening hair treatment mid-way through your hair colour appointment. You get to play pro and blend up the concoction yourself. Follow the illustrated guide below and just make sure to use the treatment within one hour, the magic is in its freshness:

Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot guide
©Josh Wood Colour

Keen to stock up? Shop the brand new launch below:

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Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot

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Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shot, £29

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