Aldi’s New £5 Self-Heating Eye Masks Are Key To A Better Night’s Sleep

Struggle to switch off before bed? Try these.


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For those who suffer with insomnia or just find it plain difficult to wind down, you'll know the frustration that comes with being unable to sleep. The self-perpetuating cycle of trying to fall asleep while worrying that you're not, and knowing you've got only five - wait, no, now four – hours until you need to be up.

At this stage, you'll take anything to ease your restless mind. Enter, then, Aldi's new Self-Heating Eye Masks, £4.99. Baffled by the concept of putting heat on your eyes? Let us introduce you to the benefits...


First of all, people have extolled the benefits of self heating eye masks for years. A comfortable level of warmth around the eye area sees tension melted, furrowed brows relaxed. Heat in the area, put simply, allows you to pay attention to the sensation and gives your mind a welcome distraction from any racing thoughts. Heat around the eye may seem a daunting prospect, but self heating masks tend to feel cosy and cocooning.

There are also the two scents in these masks that aid relaxation: jasmine and chamomile, that both help to soothe and settle.

The new Self-Heating Eye Masks are available to shop in store. While you're here, though, scroll on down to find a highlight reel of Aldi and Lidl's best beauty buys. Because outside of that strange, strange middle aisle, there are some real beauty gems to be found.

SHOP: Aldi and Lidl's Best Beauty Buys


SHOP: Aldi and Lidl's Best Beauty Buys

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl1 of 10

SOLAS LED Face Mask, £49.99

Let's face it: a good LED mask can set you back three figures. Aldi's popular light therapy mask has the same red and blue light frequencies to kill bacteria and stimulate cell renewal.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl2 of 10

Lacura H2O Sleep Mask, £4.99

There's nothing better than a beauty treatment that does all of the hard work for you. This hydrating overnight mask infuses the skin with a healthy glug of hydration to feed it while you sleep.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl3 of 10

Lacura Rose Facial Oil, £3.99

If your skin is feeling a little lacklustre, a couple of drops of a face oil (alone or with moisturiser) will really nurture the skin and give it a dose of luminosity. It's also rose scented, if that appeals.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl4 of 10

Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner, £3,49

This gentle dose of glycolic acid removes impurities, brightens tone and softens texture.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl5 of 10

Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser, £3.99

Cosseting and creamy, this leaves skin without any dry or tight feelings. The thicker texture won't remove make-up as effectively as an oil would, but will still cleanse the skin.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl6 of 10

Lacura Spa Foaming Bath Soak, £1.79

One capful under a hot running tap creates some serious bubbles. Very sensitive skin should avoid (it contains SLS and fragrance), but those with normal skin can enjoy bubbles in abundance and a pleasant soapy scent.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl7 of 10

Lacura Rose Quartz Face Roller, £6.99

Face rollers shouldn't cost the earth. Put this in the fridge to really harness the cooling ceramic texture; the cold will help to depuff and make cheekbones look more accentuated.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl8 of 10

Lacura Mineral Clay Shampoo, 80p

Hair become greasy after one wash? This one is for you. Three types of clay make light work of ridding excess oil, and leaving hair satisfyingly clean.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl9 of 10

Lacura Caviar Anti-Age Day Cream, £6.99

The very cream that put Aldi skincare on the map. The texture is thick, and leaves skin feeling soft to the touch. It gives ample hydration that quenches any skin thirst.

Best Beauty Finds at Aldi and Lidl10 of 10

Lacura Vitamin C Serum, £5.99

This is the most surprisingly brilliant out of the bunch, because vitamin C serums are notoriously hard to nail. This one has a good amount of vitamin C in the formula, so will brighten and even the skin. It absorbs well, and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

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