Nicola Peltz’s Milky Manicure Is Going Viral On TikTok And Here’s Why

Plus, shop the £13 nail polish you can use to achieve the same look at home

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by Phoebe Lee |

On the hunt for fresh manicure inspiration? Look no further than TikTok's latest obsession, the milky mani. The likes of Nicola Peltz and Hailey Bieber have showcased the look multiple times in recent months. Nicola wore the nail look - a wash of translucent pearly white polish - to her wedding, and although the shade is clearly a gorgeous option for brides, it's also a sophisticated look worthy of everyday wear.

Nicola Peltz Beckham's Milky Bridal Mani By Tom Bachik

Nicola Peltz Beckham
©Instagram @tombachik

Part of the appeal lies in its wearability - the soft shade works well with every clothing colour and suits all nail shapes. Almond girl through and through like Hailey and Nicola? A milky mani is the perfect pairing. Hooked on the stiletto nail shape? Yep; the milky mani looks great on a statement nail shape too.

Hailey Bieber's Milky Met Gala Mani By Zola Ganzorigt

Hailey Bieber
©Instagram @nailsbyzola

The design has racked up a total of 3.9m views on TikTok so far, so the milky mani fever is real. Scroll through TikTok's latest milky mani takes below, and see how Nicola, Hailey and even Kendall Jenner are wearing the look too.

The Best Milky Manicures To Browse Now

One look and you'll see the hype. 'I feel FANCY', said one TikTok user. Touché...

There are varying degrees of milky you can opt for, too. Mix white with a pink or lilac overlay for a shade that shifts under direct sunlight, and looks less harsh and striking than a block white shade. The key to making the mani look distinctly milky is that the colour isn't completely opaque, either. Opt for a sheer layer whereby you can still see the tips of the nail, French style; this keeps it looking fresh and elegant.

Nicola chooses a gel polish that has a high-shine finish for her milky mani, as opposed to a matte one. Wise choice - they look far more natural under sunlight this way. You can shop the exact shades Nicola wore to her wedding to achieve the milky mani, below. This timeless mani is one we anticipate to be seeing a whole lot more of...

Shop: The Perfect Milky Manicure Shades To Shop Now (Or Ask For In Salon)


SHOP: The Milky Manicure

CND Shellac, Beau, £13.49
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The exact shade used on Nicola Peltz to create her wedding manicure, ask your local nail artist to use this when you next book in.

CND Vinylux, Bouquet, £11.49
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The CND Shellac version was mixed with Beau to create the milky manicure on Nicola Peltz for her wedding, and you can buy the Vinylux version here to create the look for yourself at home.

Mylee Sea Shell Gel Polish, £7.50
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A multidimensional milky shade that glistens under light to and offers up an iridescent sheen.

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