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Hailey Bieber is pretty generous when it comes to revealing her favourite beauty, skincare and make-up products online. The supermodel regularly talks her millions of followers through her skincare favourites and make-up must-haves and this month has been no exception. After launching her YouTube channel in March, one of the first videos to hit her channel was an in-depth reveal of her lengthy morning beauty routine. Though Hailey made clear that on a normal day she's happy to do a quick cleanse and finish with a quick application of her favourite serum and SPF, she explained that on a 'work day' - presumably a shoot day - Hailey works her way through a lengthier routine to up her glow.

In a quick video on Instagram we also caught a behind the scenes look at her layering technique for her perfect dewy skin 'glazed donut' vibes. Three layers of serum and moisturiser to create a glossy, hydrated base. We're taking notes...

Watch: How Hailey B Layers Her Skincare

Watch: Hailey Bieber Demonstrate Her 9 Step Skincare Routine

Hailey introduced the video with the words: 'Rise and shine! It’s bright and early on a big work day for me, which means it’s time for my skin to wake up too. Watch this video to learn about my skincare routine along with some of my favorite ingredients and tools that I use when getting ready in the morning before work!'. Keen to shop Hailey's favourites? Unfortunately the majority of them are only available to buy from the US and so will likely involve a hefty shipping cost, but some can be picked up in the UK, browse away!

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Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products - Grazia 2021

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products1 of 8

Biologique Recherche Masque Visolastine, £125

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products2 of 8

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack, £22

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products3 of 8

Zena Foster Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, £43.26

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products4 of 8

Ranavat Botanics Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser , £30.29

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products5 of 8

Biba Los Angeles Plant Stem Cell Peptide Serum, £61.30

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products6 of 8

Furtuna Skin Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil, £92.31

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products7 of 8

Shani Darden Skin Care Facial Sculpting Wand, £287.74

Hailey Bieber Favourite Beauty Products8 of 8

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen, £25.89

Keen to know about Hailey Bieber's skincare favourites? Hailey recently hosted a bareMinerals product reveal (Hailey is bareMinerals' brand ambassador) and revealed to a limited few two of her favourite skincare ingredients.

During quarantine I've actually been spending a lot of time on my skincare routine and looking at what ingredients are in my skincare

Whilst waxing lyrical about thebareMinerals Ageless rangeHailey revealed 'the entire bareMinerals Ageless range has the benefit of peptides. Peptides are on of my favourite ingredients to have in skincare, they're so beneficial for the skin. I've seen so much difference from using products that have peptides in them. During quarantine I've actually been spending a lot of time on my skincare routine and looking at what ingredients are in my skincare. I just love learning more and more about skincare and what these ingredients do.' Hailey then went on to say 'I am admittedly a huge skincare nerd and I absolutely love learning about the ingredients in my products.' Moving on to discuss another of her favourite ingredients - squalane - Hailey noted 'I absolutely love squalane. It's a really amazing skincare ingredient and it makes this formula' - Hailey is referring to an exciting new bareMineras foundation that's launching very soon in the UK, stay tuned! - 'feel so nice on my skin. My skin is on the drier side and I can feel the foundation hydrating my skin whenever I put it on.'

Let's Talk About Hailey Bieber's Favourite Concealer

Hailey Bieber recently revealed her favourite concealer of the moment and it is none other than bareMinerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer, £24.

Hailey Bieber Favourite Concealer
©Instagram @haileybieber

Hailey Bieber captioned the post 'this concealer!!!!!! @bareminerals the best.' Now it's worth noting that Hailey is a bareMinerals ambassador but that doesn't mean we're any less willing to take a punt on this new gen coverage option - if it's good enough for Mrs Bieber...!

Why We're Head Over Heels For Hailey Bieber's Skin Honesty Right Now

Hailey Bieber might be one of the world's best known models but that doesn't mean that she's any less likely than you or I to suffer from everyday skin bugbears. Hailey regularly takes to her Instagram stories to highlight her main skin concerns and it's oh so refreshing. Recently she shone a spotlight on areas of spots and redness on her cheeks. In the first of her Instagram stories pictures she circled an inflamed area on her cheek, the site of redness and a few spots. In the caption she explains 'Since I like to be as transparent as possible about my skin: I have something called perioral dermatitis which I've had for a few years now. It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth or sometimes around and under my eyes. Some things that I noticed triffer it: trying a new product, a product that's too harsh, weather, masks, sometimes certain SPF.' She continues, 'That's why for my skin personally I go for super gentle anti-inflammatory products that will heop soothe my skin and won't trigger a dermatitis breakout! It also took me getting the proper diagnosis from a dermatologist after stubbornly trying to treat it myself. Sometimes it gets so irritated only a prescription cream will calm it down. Self diagnosing is a no no.' Hailey further clarifies, 'A HUGE dermatitis trigger is also laundry detergent!! I have to use hypoallergenic/organic laundry detergent always.' Note, if you've been experiencing similar skincare symptoms this could be the answer, but it's always worth booking in with your doctor or a dermatologist to confirm, like Hailey says, self diagnosing is a no no.

celebrities getting real about beauty
©@haileybieber Instagram

What Is Peri-oral Dermatitis?

This is the definition of peri-oral dermatitis according to the British Association of Dermatologists:

'Peri-oral dermatitis is a common skin condition that more commonly affects women aged 20 to 50 years old. It usually causes persistent redness or small bumps (papules) and sometimes pus containing spots (pustules). It can persist for a few months until the cause is identified and corrected.'

'The name of the condition ‘Peri-oral dermatitis’can be confusing, as it is not thought to be a form of dermatitis (eczema). Instead, peri-oral dermatitis is thought to be a type of rosacea. Rosacea is a common longstanding condition that causes persistent redness, bumps and pus containing spots (pustules) on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. For peri-oral dermatitis, ‘steroid-provoked rosacea’might be a better name, but most people still use the name “peri-oral dermatitis”.'

Everything Else You Need To Know About Hailey Bieber's Skincare Routine

Hailey Bieber has always been open about her skincare routine on her Instagram page. She even took to her stories to run through all her favourite skincare staples, old and new, that make up her (pretty impressive) skincare routine.

It's not often you get a beauty insight that is quite so candid and succinct, and to say we were enthralled is an understatement. We went on the hunt immediately, investigating each and every product, only to discover, to our utter joy, that most (8/10) are available to buy here in the UK. Hurrah!

Coming in at over £880, it's safe to say that Mrs Bieber has expensive taste when it comes to skincare, her routine includes some seriously luxe brands. But, we were delighted to see that in the mix are some more affordable buys from the likes of Drunk Elephant that won’t set you back too much (emphasis on too).

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Hailey Bieber Skincare Products 2020

Christie Kidd Clean Natural Facial Cleanser1 of 9

Christie Kidd Clean Natural Facial Cleanser

Sadly for us, this brand is not yet available in the UK but counts both Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner as big fans.

Christie Kidd Fresh Pads2 of 9

Christie Kidd Fresh Pads

Again, not available in the UK, the fresh pads kill breakout inducing bacteria.

Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, £1493 of 9

Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, £149

With an impressive five types of Hyaluronic Acid, this rejuvenating serum packs a hydrating punch.

Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, £294 of 9

Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, £29

An oil-to-milk cleanser that gently melts away makeup, dirt and sunscreen from skin.

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Hydrating Mask, £445 of 9

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Hydrating Mask, £44

Hailey, like the rest of us, loves hydration and this cooling, soothing mask works to plump and restore skin.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, £2056 of 9

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, £205

Loved by a loooooong list of A-listers, this luxury cream activates skin's regeneration to visibly improve texture, tone and resilience over time.

Elta MD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46, £32.507 of 9

Elta MD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46, £32.50

We weren't familiar with SPF 48 before but we're so glad Hailey has introduced us as this hard-working formula soothes skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, £1758 of 9

Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, £175

Blended with over 22 active ingredients, this heavenly oil tackles fine lines and pigmentation.

Dr Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask, £1159 of 9

Dr Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask, £115

Ideal for blemish prone skin, this clarifying mask balances sebum production and refines pores with zinc, kaolin and lentil extract.

Back in October last year, skincare expert Melanie Grant also revealed which products she uses on Hailey Bieber. These additional products include the IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advanced Pluss, £63, which uses olive leaf extract and vitamins A and E to repair any damage done by irritants and aggressors in the air. Another favourite cleanser comes in the form of Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser, £42.03. It works best for those with slightly oilier skin that want to smooth and even out texture. It obviously works for Bieber. And finally, we have Medik8's R-Retinoate Youth Activating Cream, £134, a retinol based buy that rejuvenates skin at a deeper level, boosting collagen production.

There you have it folks, one A-list skincare routine. Red carpet worthy and then some. If you are keen to make a skincare investment, you could do worse than to copy Hailey Bieber's regime.

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