Will This Vaseline Mascara Hack Give You The Longest, Healthiest-Looking Lashes Of Your Life?

Great lash days incoming…

vaseline mascara trick

by Joely Walker |

Nothing catches our attention on Instagram’s discover page quite like a nifty beauty hack with instantly impressive results. Case in point: @beautystylemedia’s recent post, which clocked up almost 1.5 MILLION views, showcasing a simple trick to get longer, more defined lashes with a much-loved bathroom staple – Vaseline.

That’s right - good old petroleum jelly strikes again, serving up a quick and easy way to amp up your eyelashes for a natural-looking lift and curl. Now, Gabbi already has pretty phenomenal lashes to start with, granted, but would ya look at that finished result? We want in, pronto.

Watch: How To Get Longer Lashes With Vasline

Step one: The start of any long-lasting lash look starts with a pair of lash curlers. Here, Gabbi gently presses the lashes between the window and lifts. Another top curling tip, courtesy of pro make-up artist @nikkimakeup, is to curl lashes once right at the root of the lash, before shuffling the window up ever so slightly for a second press.

Step two: Next comes the Vaseline. Simply use a spoolie or eyebrow brush to lightly coat your lashes with Vaseline straight from the tub. The key is to not go OTT here. A little goes a long way.

Step three: Apply volumising mascara (Gabbi uses Dior Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara, £28) to the tips of lashes only, which, yes, goes against all usual long-lash advice that primarily focuses on loading the lash roots with plenty of product to better define the eye area. But, as you can see in the video, she’s clearly onto something. We’re going with it.

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