5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks To Cash In On

We put popular online beauty hacks to the test to see what REALLY works

5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks

by Joanna Kyte |
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The internet is a weird place (fact), and there are a mill and one online beauty claims that promise to make your daily routine easier, quicker and cheaper. Case in point? Sweet, sweet petroleum jelly. That’s right, Vaseline. The same Vaseline that you’ve got hidden in old coat pockets and that contributes to your half-used products pile (uh, so guilty) is being touted as more than just a quick lip fix. They say it will freshen up your beauty regime, that it will be the one-product answer to your make-up woes. And, as learning a few sneaky facts for nada is THE dream (right?), I want in. So, Vaseline myths, I’m coming for you.

1. They Say: It Will Work As An Eye Gloss

5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks eye gloss

I Say: Since eye shadow is out and eye gloss is in (check Marni and Nina Ricci’s SS17 shows for bonafide proof), getting glazed lids is a beauty priority right now. Lucky for you, using Vaseline’s pink-tint Rosy Lips pot promises to give you the trend points you truly need. Start by sweeping a blush-hued shadow as a base across your lids and then reach for the V, using just your ring finger to tap the shine all over. Finish with mascara, and you’re in with the new-season crowd.

2. They Say: It Makes An Awesome Clear mascara

I Say: Let’s be honest, some days are made for going full-on natch with your face (here’s looking at you, Monday). Enter promise #2 from our mates on the internet and you’ve got: ‘Vaseline can define your lashes, just like a clear mascara’. Using your middle finger and thumb, rub Aloe Vera Vaseline into your lashes, pushing upwards like a mascara wand substitute. The result? Okay, it’s not a life-changing look but it is a satisfying little lift for when you want to avoid the heaviness of make-up. Cheers to that.

3. They Say: It Can Be Used As A Make-Up Remover

5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks makeup remover

I Say: Claiming that something sticky and viscose can remove night-out eyes is a freaking brave promise to make to party girls testing the theory circa 3 am. So, I went in hard. Think nude shadow, layered with brown shadow, followed by eyeliner and multiple layers of mascara (breathe). Then, I set up three stages: cotton pads, water and OG Vaseline. And. It. Worked. It worked like a dream. Sure, it’s a little messy, but it’s quick and very effective. Cyber world, I salute you.

4. They Say: Use It As A Highlighter

5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks highlighter

I Say: Bringing a fresh glow to your features is the IRL filter we all pine for, but finding a highlighter that looks natural and not like you shoved a tonne of glitter on your face is tricky. Until, apparently, now. Online vow numero four states that mixing Vaseline with powdered make-up (think: eye shadows, face powder and blusher) can take you straight to the light-bounce city. Take your ring finger to the Vaseline before the make-up (less is more here) and dab directly onto your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. The finished effect? A surprisingly decent strobe.

5. They Say: It Will Make Painting Your Nails Pain-Free

5 Weirdly Genius Vaseline Hacks nail painting

I Say: As if it hadn’t already mastered enough, Vaseline supposedly helps you wave goodbye to messy nail paint jobs. How? By adding a protective layer to your skin, it will act as a barrier to your shaky hands. Apply the jelly all around your nails and begin to paint as you would. Once dry, you can breezily remove your mistakes (and the Vaseline) with a little water. Yesss!

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