‘It Gives An Airbrushed Finish’: TikTokers Are Calling This £8 Make-Up The Ultimate Blender

Whether they use it for foundation or concealer, TikTokers are obsessed with this budget beauty buy

Grazia, TikTok: @sydneypurl, @samaa7____, @mikaylanogueira

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To brush or to beauty blend? Now, that is the question. While the beauty blender vs. make-up brush rivalry is longstanding, you'd be hard pressed finding someone who hasn't dabbled with both.

When TikTok picks up on a make-up brush that makes the skin look 'airbrushed', though we'll gladly set our beauty blenders aside to give it a try. It's not a new product - very few that go viral on TikTok are - more a hidden gem. And yes, TikTok users are obsessed. Those who've bought it have found the shape and density of the bristles to be ideal for blending concealer under the eyes in particular.

Watch: TikTok's Viral Real Techniques Brush

As the videos reveal, the brush in question is Real Techniques' 242 Brightening Concealer Brush. The best part? It's only £8. See the flat, paw shape? It nestles into the contours of your face, and helps to gently buff concealer into the inner corner of your eye.

The brush isn't too dense with bristles, so it dispenses product lightly, which is what gives the make-up a diffused, airbrushed finish. As Mikayla illustrates, you don't need to 'rub' or buff the product into the skin: a tapping motion will lend more coverage while still appearing natural.

If you want an airbrushed-level finish all over your face, there's no stopping you using this brush to apply your foundation - the smaller size means you'll just need a little more patience. The same goes for blusher and highlighter, too. Just make sure you wash your brush in between uses.

Who knew a make-up brushes could be this exciting? Since its TikTok stardom, the brush has sold out on Boots already but you can still get hold of it below:

Main image credit: Grazia, TikTok: @sydneypurl, @samaa7___, @mikaylanogueira_

Shop: The Viral Real Techniques Blending Brush


SHOP: Real Techniques Brightening Concealer 242 Brush

Real Techniques Brightening Concealer 242 Brush, £81 of 1

Real Techniques Brightening Concealer 242 Brush, £8

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