The £9 False Lash Kit Making TikTokers’ Eyes Look Like This For Up To 10 Days

Each set of lashes can last up to 10 days

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False lash extension fiend? We all know one. It's an expensive and timely beauty habit, but one that makes many of us feel more polished and put together than we care to admit.

Forever ahead of the curve, TikTok believe they have discovered the next best thing, and they may well be on the money. Their latest fascination sweeping your 'For You Page'? The Kiss Falscara Eyelash, £9.99, and Falscara Individual Lashes Starter Kit, £24.99. Once you've got the hang of the application, the results are seriously impressive: fluttery, doe-like lashes that are available to buy on a budget.

WATCH: TikTok's Newest False Lash Fascination, Kiss' Falscara Eyelashes

It's likely you've heard of the brand behind the product, Kiss. A false lash authority, you'll have likely tried them out at some point if you favour falsies. Their latest innovation involves applying individual cluster lashes that last.

And people are on board: the Falscara has 56+ million views and counting. The process is also relatively simple - you apply a bonding glue under your natural lashes rather than over, apply the individual lashes, and seal them with the tool provided. One of the perks of these lashes is that when you apply their overnight serum, a set can last you up to 10 days.

Not quite sure if you want to become your own lash tech yet? The wispy cluster eyelashes are also sold separately, so you can apply them on top of your lashline with ordinary lash glue. They won't last as long but results are just as natural and fluttery. The best part, though? You can lay down your mascara for 10 whole days.

You can shop Kiss' Falscara kits, below.

Main Image Credits: TikTok @bexcxmpbell @mariel_darling

Shop: Kiss Falscara Kits


SHOP: Kiss Falscara Kits

Kiss Falscara Individual Lashes Starter Kits, £24.991 of 2

Kiss Falscara Individual Lashes Starter Kits, £24.99

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Wisps, £9.992 of 2

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Wisps, £9.99

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