Fan Of Midnights? Pat McGrath Just Dropped All Of Taylor Swift’s On-Set Beauty Essentials

Pat McGrath has got the goods.

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by Marina Avraam |
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If you haven't been listening to Midnights on repeat for the past two weeks, we're shocked. And disappointed. The highly anticipated album has triggered what can only be described as a cultural reset, and just when we thought things couldn't get any better, they just did. Mother of make-up Pat McGrath has dropped all of Taylor's on-set essentials in a brand new Taylor-Made collection - and we're bursting with excitement.

Pat McGrath was the creative genius behind Taylor's glam in the fabulous Bejeweled music video. You know, the music video starring Taylor Swift as Cinderella, the Haim trio as the evil sisters, and Oscar winner Laura Dern as the evil stepmother. Iconic, to say the least, but even more iconic than the star-studded cast were Taylor's sequin-studded eyelids, brought to life by Pat McGrath's sparkle-infused Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction palette and Taylor's trademark red lip, which we have none other than McGrath's Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick to thank for.

The 'Taylor-Made' collection includes two fully decked out 'Taylor-Made' kits, as well as a 'Taylor-Made' face kit, lip kit and eye kit. Yep, the whole shebang. Shop the full Taylor-inspired collection below, and don't forget to sing 'I'm the problem it's me' to your bank account in the process.


SHOP: Path McGrath's 'Taylor-Made' Kits

Pat McGrath, The 'Taylor-Made' Kit1 of 5

The 'Taylor-Made' Kit

The 'Taylor-Made' collection includes everything you need to recreate a Midnights-inspired sparkly eye and a tantalising red lip, including the Mothership X: Moonlight Seduction Palette, a Perma black eyeliner, two lip pencils and the LiquiLUST lipstick in Elson 4.

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Kit II2 of 5

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Kit II

Taylor's second Bejewelled look consisted of blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a glossy nude lip, all of which you can recreate with the 'Taylor-Made II' kit.

The 'Taylor-Made’ Eye Kit3 of 5

The 'Taylor-Made’ Eye Kit

Apart from her signature red lips, Taylor is known for her classic black flick eyeliner. The 'Taylor-Made' eye kit includes the Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner and FetishEyes Mascara, both of which were used to create the popstar's mesmerising eye look.

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Face Kit4 of 5

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Face Kit

Replicate Taylor's illuminating face make-up with this iconic blush, highlighter and gloss trio.

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Lip Duos Kit5 of 5

The ‘Taylor-Made’ Lip Duos Kit

Whether you're in the mood for a soft pink, or a ravishing red, the 'Taylor-Made' lip kit has got you covered for both your soft and bold alter egos.

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