The Classic Nars Orgasm Blush, Loved By Everyone From Meghan Markle To Emma Stone, Has Changed

The ultimate glow-giver has been reformulated.

Nars orgasm

by Rachael Martin |
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A moment, please, for Nars Orgasm Blusher. It’s no exaggeration to say that this one has earned cult status in the beauty editor hall of fame – and for good reason. Since its creation back in 1999, Nars's (somewhat cheekily named) Orgasm blush has become a consistent favourite among beauty editors and celebrities alike – Meghan Markle and Emma Stone are said to be fans. Known for its ability to impart a glow-laden, pearlescent pink hue across the skin, it’s been a brand bestseller for over twenty years. Now, in 2024, the iconic product has been upgraded – but does it still live up the the hype?

Nars Orgasm Blusher: What’s so special?

According to the brand this new iteration of the Orgasm is an ‘innovative combination of four types of pigment that achieves a high-impact, true colour pay-off.’ Formulated with artistry in mind, it’s been made to ‘last up to 16 hours.’ And it's already looking like a hit with fans too – if the flurry of positive reviews online are anything to go by.

If a glow-laden wash of pink is your MO then the beautiful Nars Orgasm Blush could be the perfect option. Expect a silky, easy to blend texture.


  • Long-lasting pigment


  • Deeper skin tones might benefit from a darker shade

How to use the Nars Orgasm Blush

Unsurprisingly, application is key when it comes to achieving a beautiful blusher look. TikTok has been awash with an array of blush trends (think W-blush, boyfriend blush and sunset blush) but for me, simply applying mine to the apples of the cheeks means you just can't go wrong. I take a fluffy brush and swirl it through the powder, tapping away any excess. I then apply it to my skin in sweeping, circular motions, blending upwards towards my temples. And if I want thats extra "pop?" I'll reapply. The pigment is beautifully buildable, meaning you can keep layering until you reach your desired hue.

Our Verdict

Rachael Martin, beauty editor:

‘Nars Orgasm is, quite simply put, one of my favourite blushers ever. I’ve been a fan of the original for years now, but I do think this newly imagined formulation ups the ante. The texture is silky and never cakey, allowing for a buildable sheen - plus it lasts throughout an often sweaty London office commute in a way the original didn't. There’s a touch of glitter there (which has been known to put me off) but be rest assured that it's more of a subtle glisten that twinkles in the natural light as opposed to a full-on flashbulb effect. As I err on the oilier side of life I do think my skin benefits from the sticking to a power blush, but those with dry or more mature skin types may prefer the liquid and cream version that imparts a more balmy glow. Darker skin tones may benefit from Orgasm Rush and Orgasm X, but those with paler skin tones similar to mine will likely be flattered by the subtle pink flush that the original has become synonymous with.'

Final Thoughts

A beautiful, glow-laden blush that manages to hold onto its cult status amongst a sea of new, viral brands.

Rachael Martin is Grazia’s Beauty Editor. Originally from Northern Ireland, she studied English Literature at Queen’s University Belfast, before moving to London to pursue a career in magazine journalism


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