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How To Apply Blusher Correctly

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Sounds like an obvious question, but it can be the difference between ‘meh’ and mega make-up

Beauty trends come and go, but knowing how to apply blusher correctly will always be a worthwhile skill to have in your back pocket. Whatever the shape of your face - long, round, square, rectangle or heart-shaped - knowing where to inject that flush of colour is as important as picking the right shade.

While it might seem straightforward to get that rose-y cheeked glow, there are a few elements you’ll need to consider. The end result will depend on whether you’re using cream, liquid or powder blush as much as if you’re introducing highlighter or bronzer to this cosmetics party.

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How To Apply Blusher Tips

To begin with, it’s Space NK’s buying director Margaret Michell is adamant that you should start with a primer, which is something Cult Beauty’s co-founder Alexia Inge agrees with. Michell said that this foundation layer will ‘prolong the lasting wear of make-up’. She reminded us that we need to ‘always keep in mind that a powder blusher will typically last longer than a cream. If you do prefer the natural wear of a cream, you can always lightly dust a setting powder or another blush shade over the top to make it last longer. Then always finish with a setting spray to lock everything in place.’

How To Apply Blush Cream

A cream formula blush, commonly found in a pot or in a squeeze tube, like Glossier’s ‘Cloud Paint’, will be one of the hardest wearing cosmetics in your make-up bag. Michell says to apply cream blusher you should, ‘heat [it] with your fingers on the back of your hand, and then lightly dab on the apples of your cheek, and slowly bring up to your cheekbone.’ Similarly, Inge says she uses her fingers for cream and stain blushers too. However, she mentioned, ‘a moist Beautyblender also works really well’.

How To Apply Blush And Bronzer

When it comes to powder blusher (and bronzer too for that matter), Michell advises, ‘using a blush brush’ and then, ‘lightly dabbing the brush in the powder then tap off excess powder, and apply in an X motion own the apple of the cheek and then up to the cheekbone.’ Inge is specific with the tools she uses, she emphatically says, ‘it’s best to use a mid-sized blusher brush or fan brush - don’t go too big with the brush - it’s easier to add than take away and size diminishes accuracy!’

When it comes to where you should be applying your blusher Inge has a lingerie metaphor you should keep in mind next time you’re doing your make-up. ‘The traditional advice is to smile to find the apples of your cheeks, don’t smile too much as this encourages you to place the blush too low, which gives the illusion of a drooping face. Keep the blush high on your cheekbones, it works like a makeup ‘bra’ for your face.’ It’s a similar motto Michell lives by when it comes to gel and liquid, or stain as it’s commonly known, blush. She believes it’s best to, ‘apply to the back of your hand, and then get a synthetic blush brush [and] start off light on the apples of your cheek, and move up to your cheekbone ensuring you blend as you apply.’

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