This Is The £5 Face Mist You See In The Background Of Every Dressing Room Shot On Love Island

No more pausing, we’ve done the detective work for you

love island setting spray

by Laura Capon |

If you’re the kind of person who pauses an episode of The Kardashians to try and zoom in on the lip liner Mario’s applying to Kim, we’re clearly cut from the same cloth.

We love nothing more than solving a make-up mystery, so when we kept seeing the same pink bottle in every Love Island dressing room shot, we knew we’d have to hunt it down.

Thankfully we had a head start as Boots is the sponsor of this year’s Love Island and has kitted the Islanders out with all the make-up, skincare, haircare and body bits they could ever need.

Like the £4 cleanser they can’t get enough of or the £25 hair tool that’s responsible for their iconic beach waves.

For a full comprehensive list of every beauty product in the villa click here, but if it’s the elusive pink mist you’ve come for, wait right here.

In a revelation that could be as dramatic as tonight’s recoupling, we can reveal that the pink bottle is in face 17.’s Dewy Prep Setting Spray.


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love island setting spray
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