Pros Are Convinced That Kate Middleton Has Laminated Her Brows

'In recent pictures Kate's brows look more groomed and uniform' - Sarah Amelia Fogg

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It's no secret that the world is obsessed with Kate Middleton's beauty regime. From the global obsession with her bouncy blow-dry to her monochrome make-up, we can't get enough of Kate's beauty style. Most recently it's her brows that the masses have been zooming in on.

Earlier this year brow experts came up with a theory about the Princess of Wales's picture perfect arches. Below celebrity make-up artist and brow expert Sarah Amelia Fogg shares her thoughts on Kate's recent brow transformation:

'Kate Middleton’s brows are truly some of the best I’ve seen in a long time,' says Fogg. A compliment, when you take into consideration the numerous pairs of eyebrows Fogg works with on a daily basis. 'She has naturally dark, full eyebrows meaning they always look so defined. In recent pictures, Kate’s brows look more groomed and uniform indicating that she may well have had a brow lamination.'


Brow lamination refers to an in-salon treatment that works to semi-permanently straighten your brow hairs and fix them in place, whether you like them brushed up or out.

'Brow lamination is pain-free, relaxing and results in thicker, bushy-looking brows,' explains Fogg. 'It’s basically an easy, natural way to achieve fluffier brows. Kate has got great growth and a gorgeous natural arch and the lamination process has accentuated this perfectly to frame her face.'

How To Get The Laminated Brow Look At Home

While brow lamination is a professional treatment, you can DIY the look at home if you're clever with your brow grooming products. 'If you’re looking to achieve the laminated brow look at home, I recommend using a strong, clear brow gel such as Fluff It Up to hold the hairs in place and help your fluffy brows to last longer,' says Fogg.

Use a brow spoolie to brush the hairs up. Use a clear brow gel to get that glossy post-lamination look.

If you’re someone with slightly thinner, sparse brows and you want to fake a few more hairs, a [brow pencil]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'} with a precision triangular nib is best.

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