Helen Mirren Opens Up About Dips In Confidence, And Working With Friend, Make-Up Artist Val Garland

Helen Mirren talks self-worth and confidence as she fronts L’Oréal Paris' 'Self Worth, Worth Sharing' campaign alongside Val Garland

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Helen Mirren has won our hearts in goodness knows how many strong female roles on screen. It's hard to ever imagine that this cinema sensation ever suffered from a crisis of confidence, but, like most of us out there, Helen admits to having had her moments of self doubt.

In a video released for the 'Self Worth, Worth Sharing' campaign, Helen appears alongside renowned make-up artist Val Garland and gives us a real insight into the some of the dips in confidence that have visited her throughout her esteemed career.

Helen Mirren

'Many actors exude confidence,' says Helen, 'I find it incredibly intimidating. More than once I have had to run away and lock myself in the lavatory, and say, come on, you can do this Helen. But before that happens, sometimes you're in the make-up char, and you're very lucky if you're sitting in Val Garland's make-up chair.' The two have worked together countless times, and their connection and respect for each other is palpable. Val notes 'I think it's part of my job to make someone feel, ok, I can be me now'.

I have had to run away and lock myself in the lavatory, and say come on, you can do this Helen

New data* highlights a confidence crisis among young women in the UK, with 40% aged 16-25 saying they don't believe in themselves. The likes of Helen Mirren, Geri Horner, Denise Lewis, Neelam Gill and Iskra Lawrence this week stand with L’Oréal Paris and the Prince's Trust the affect change. Cue the launch of the 'Self Worth, Worth Sharing' campaign that aims to encourage women to come together in support of one another, and combat the confidence crisis currently in situ. Who better to fight for girl power than Helen Mirren alongside an ex Spice Girl?!

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The initiative aims to give young women the chance they deserve to succeed by giving them the support and tools needed to face the increasing pressures of today’s world by providing talks and workshops for young women on confidence and workplace skills and connect young people with the life-changing support of a mentor.

L’Oréal Paris will donate £1 of each skincare and makeup product sold, across all Boots stores and online between 11th March and 7th April 2020, to The Prince’s Trust. The funds raised through this campaign will help to help connect up to 10,000 young women with mentors.

Helen Mirren is vocal about the role this campaign can play. 'The ‘Self Worth, Worth Sharing’ campaign is so important for the emotional well-being of young women. I have experienced insecurities all my life, and to many people’s surprise continue to do so. In today’s digital age, social pressure is on the rise, therefore having the right support is more important now than ever.'

*from the yet to be released 2020 Prince’s Trust Youth Index supported by L’Oreal Paris.

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