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This Is The One Thing You Definitely Need From Gigi Hadid's Mayebelline Collab

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If Maybelline thought that we wanted to look exactly like Gigi Hadid, then they guessed correct - and luckily for us, we’re now one step closer thanks to the pair’s dreamy collaboration.

Gigi and Maybelline have been teasing their new collection for weeks and to say that fans were excited would be an understatement. So much so that their ‘Jetsetter Palette’ sold out in under 90 minutes.

The model’s debut make-up range is split into two - ‘East Coast Glam’ and ‘West Coast Glow’.

The former is 'the ultimate representation of New York and cosmopolitan glam', because, sure. Ultimately, ‘East Coast Glam’ is designed to help the city gal go from sharp in her morning meetings to feeling sexy and city chic at night'.

Which is always helpful.

‘West Coast Glow’, on the other hand, also promises to take a girl from day to night but in a more 'laid-back, beachy feel' kinda way. It’s inspired by California which is the home of laid back vibes… where if even your eyeliner isn’t laid back, then you’re probably not either.

These days, it seems that you’re not a beauty junkie unless you have approximately 12 primers in your make-up arsenal at all times. Thankfully (or maybe not so much if your cosmetic bag is already bursting at the seams), this one won’t break the bank. Coming in at £9.99, Gigi’s ‘Tinted Primer’ has gone straight into our everyday make-up bag and we urge you to follow suit.

Coming in a Pinterest-worthy millennial pink tube, the tinted primer features in both the ‘East Coast Glam’ and ‘West Coast Glow’ collections and provides a flawless finish, as well as offering a practical base coat to wear under make-up.

That said, we can totally see ourselves wearing this bad boy when the warmer days roll back around - with no need for foundation.

Coming in ‘light medium’ and ‘medium deep’, the colour choices aren’t exactly as inclusive as we’re now used to, thanks to Rihanna’s extensive Fenty Beauty shade choices. That said, if you’re wearing it under your everyday make-up, then you can probably get away with just the two shades. On the flip side, if one is too light and the other too dark, combine them and achieve the perfect chiselled, contoured look.

Whether you stick to wearing the primer by itself, or opt for something over the top, the idea is that the product helps create a natural contour with a sheer tint of colour, which we’re totally on board with.

So, long gone are the days were you have to stick with the age-old routine of moisturise, primer, concealer, foundation, then contour - before deciding if you want to apply a cream or powder-based contouring product in order to achieve those Kim K contoured cheeks of dreams.

Gigi isn’t only giving us the ultimate #CoupleGoals on Instagram with boyfriend Zayn Malik, but she’s now making our morning routine that bit shorter thanks to a primer which basically eradicates any need for bronzer or highlighter. And for that, we think she’s even more of a babe than we already did.

Cards at the ready… and GO.

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