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Gigi Hadid Named This Lipstick After Her Sister

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After the initial drop – a multi-tasking ‘Jetsetter’ make-up palette that sold out online in a matter of minutes – Gigi Hadid has finally unveiled her strictly limited beauty collaboration with Maybelline in full.

This weekend, the supermodel teamed up with her friend and long-time make-up artist Erin Parsons (who also boasts the title of Maybelline’s Global Make-up Artist) to introduce the collection, which has been divided into two categories to reflect Gigi’s bi-coastal, jet-setting lifestyle. According to the model, who explained her collection to W magazine, the product line is designed for ‘people who are maybe intimidated to have to do full glam everyday,’ revolving as it does around a core set of multi-tasking palettes. ‘It makes things easier, more mixable and matchable and easy to use,’ she added.

There’s East Coast Glam, designed to recreate a polished New York-inspired look that centres around a dramatic cat’s eye swoop of liner, and West Coast Glow, which promises a California glow and foregrounds a bold red lip. As benefits a well-documented red lip aficionado, Gigi’s West Coat edit features no less than three scarlet shades: orange-based ‘Austyn,’ blue-toned ‘Lani’ and cherry-red ‘Khair.’

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The latter lipstick holds a particularly special significance for Gigi: it’s named after her younger sister. Khair is Bella’s middle name, and means ‘benevolent’ in Arabic (we’re assuming that a direct Bella name-check would’ve been too simple?)

‘Honestly, I wear red lipstick more than Bella does,’ Gigi explained to W. ‘I named it after her because her favourite colour is red. It’s a great basic cherry that looks great on everyone.’

Wearing bold lip colours hasn’t always come as second nature for the model, who admitted that she’s a long-time fan of neutral shades. ‘I am a nude lipstick enthusiast, so my first thing when I was making this collection was [that] we need to make nudes,’ she said. ‘Before [I started working], in high school, my first make-up was Maybelline 24 Hour Concealer, and I used to put it on my lips.’ How heartening to note that even supermodels went through the concealer lips phase...

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