Eyebrow Extensions Are The Latest K-Beauty Trend Instagram Is Obsessed With

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While our obsession with brows shows no signs of slowing down, getting them right still proves to be rather tricky. Using a gel can add definition and a pencil may boost volume but it’s hard to find an eyebrow product that does both, and with a natural-looking finish. Unless you fancy investing in a semi-permanent option like microblading, you may be lost for a solution.

Enter eyebrow extensions: a new beauty trend from Korea which might just solve all your eyebrow related woes.

Vogue Korea alerted us to the trend via a video on Instagram, and the clip has gone viral. The short animation shows a product called ‘Reallyyy Eyebrow Extension’ which is designed to thicken up your arches and fill in any pesky gaps.

Essentially, the product is a jar of gel mixed with hair trimmings which you paint on to your brows. The fake hairs cling to your own natural ones and make them appear fuller. Once the magic gel has set you can brush your brows into without fear of the product flaking off.

As *Allure *pointed out, the product mimics the appearance of actual eyebrow hair in a similar way to fiber mascaras such as L’Oréal Paris's Voluminous X Fiber Mascara and Dior's Diorshow Mascara.

Check it out in action below…

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