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11 Eco Beauty Products You Need On Your Radar This Summer

Clean Beauty Co © Clean Beauty Co

As dreamy as the hot weather is, it takes its toll on one's appearance. The hot tube makes your dewy make-up melt into your skin, while your hair gets dirty about twice as quickly. Not to mention the high-shine SPF protection.

All this means you end up using a lot more product than usual, making it even more important that you know what's in it (and that it's not damaging your body or the environment).

That's why we've rounded up the products you need to know about, from on-the-go wonder products that will counteract the aesthetic downsides of summer in the city to handy holiday buys that will solve your packing problems...

Botanical Cream Deodorant, £18, Aurelia

Deodorant is never going to be particularly glamorous, but it can come in handy when you're out of the house for 14 hours a day. Aurelia’s cream deodorant has relaxingly herbal scent and comes in a chic little (thick, unsmashable) glass pot making it ideal for your handbag.

Lullaby Shampoo Bar, £5.75 Lush

Summer is simply annoying in some ways — and one of them is requiring more regular hair washes. To avoid stripping the natural oils, which will actually make it get grubbier in the long term, choose a gentle formula like Lush's Lullaby bar.

Coola Make-Up Setting Spray, £38.95, Selfridges

The high-shine complexion is one of the worst things about SPF, but organic brand Coola’s new SPF setting spray has eradicated the issue entirely. Just spritz it on after applying your make-up and you’re protected.

Babe Balm, £28, Clean Beauty Co

The Babe Balm is an all-year-round handbag #1, but multi-purpose products become a total washbag want when it comes to vacay season. The moisturising formula can be used to remove make-up or smoothe the ends of unruly hair — and the tropical smell is so hashtag holiday.

Bronzing Powder, £24, Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka’s new make-up range has been met with rave reviews — particularly the bronzer. Infused with witch hazel and sage, it’s kind to over-sunned skin and the applicator has a mirror for on-the-go glow sessions.

Dry Shampoo, £9.99, Maria Nila

No-one wants to wash their hair every day, so spritz Maria Nila’s Dry Shampoo onto your roots and baby curls to make it last a little longer.

Wipe Out! Cleansing Cloth, £15, Magnitone

Magnitone’s Wipe Out! cloth is inexplicably effective. The fuzzy pink fabric, which is kind of like a dressing gown, just sweeps off make-up. Plus, no liquid = flight-friendly.

Shea Body Butter, £10, Soaper Douper

It’s particularly important to look after your skin on holiday as the combo of sunnings and swims saps it of moisture. An application of Soaper Duper’s thick moisturiser will give it some much-needed R&R.

Sukin Mattifying Moisturiser, £9.99, Holland & Barrett

Even the most delicate of skin types gets shinier in the summer, it’s just a thing. Switch to an oil-free, balancing formula like Sukin’s and apply to your t-zone before your make-up.

3 In 1 Maca Mask, £20, Odylique

It’s particularly important to cleanse properly after getting hot as your make-up will get into your skin. Just mix Odylique’s Maca face mask with water for a deep clean, or yoghurt for a little extra moisture. It comes in powder form making it ideal for holiday packing.

Stretch Mark Oil, £9.99, Kit & Kin

Though Kit & Kin is designed for mums and babies, the products are useable for all ages and stages. The stretch mark oil is a particular favourite for stretch marks and nourishing sun-tired skin.

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