The 5 Best Weird And Wonderful Beauty Treats From South Korea

Top 5 Weird And Wonderful Beauty Picks From South Korea

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As fashion season kicks off, we Grazia-ites understand the crucial importance of looking your absolute best at all times and being fully prepared for any fashion-show-selfie situation that may (and most probably will) arise. We’ve been to the ends of the earth to identify the country with the most fresh-faced; blemish-free inhabitants and present to you the best of their produce to get seriously involved with.

And the winner is… South Korea, obvs.

In 2011, South Korean skincare super-brand Dr Jart+ brought the wonder of the BB cream to the masses – cutting hours off our morning make-up routine and putting Korea firmly on the cosmetics-industry map. In recent years, however, Korean cosmetics have taken a rather interesting direction from your friendly all-in-one beauty balm. Here are the latest and greatest Korean innovations to keep you looking fierce this fashion week. Warning: some of these facemasks, you may find disturbing…

1. Snail Wrinkle Care Night Mask

According to South Korea’s big selling beauty brand, Mizon, the secret lies in the slime. The high concentration of Snail “secretion” has significant protective and nourishing qualities. Loyal, Korean customers of such sluggish potions argue for the anti-ageing and blemish-banishing properties – with some South Korean’s admitting that they; “slap it on with a spoon”. Nice. £21 from

Snail Wrinkle Care Night Mask

2. Pig Collagen Jelly Mask

VEGETARIANS - LOOK AWAY NOW. Sure, we all know about the face-plumping benefits of collagen, with thousands opting for syringes full of the stuff. But what about when it’s extracted from pig skin, mixed with a whole bunch of moisturisers and slapped all over your face like sausage sandwich spread? Apparently the 70,000 ml of pig collagen found in the 80g pot enhances absorption of moisture into the skin, leaving you wrinkle-free and with significantly increased skin elasticity. The “functional ingredients” are even approved by the Korean Food and Drug administration – so that’s gotta be good, right?!

Try if you dare: ESTHETIC HOUSE Collagen Jelly Mask Pack 100ml, 38

Pig Collagen Jelly Mask

3. Horse oil body cream

****A South Korean fave, and also popular in Japan, the use of horse oil for skin healing is a common practice that originates many moons ago. The Chinese and Japanese have utilised the anti-oxidising and restorative benefits of horse oil since the 6th Century, but it was only in the last decade that those cosmetics-crazed South Koreans tapped into the bizarre ingredient’s beauty-enhancing potential. According to leading brand BAHYU, this greasy cream can heal burns; reduce scarring; moisturize effectively and even improve blood circulation. £20.01 at Korea Depot

Horse oil body cream

4. Starfish face cream

A bestseller of Mizon, this ultra-conditioning moisturiser owes its renowned cell-renewing properties to a bloodless, brainless marine animal. The five-legged marine animals are in fact, the masters of regenerating cells – I mean, who else regrows their own limbs? Mizon have bottled that superhero power to create “Returning Starfish Cream”, which promises to re-invigorate dead skin cells and smooth out all manner of lumps and bumps. £25 at

Returning Star Fish Cream

5. Snake venom sheet masks

The South Korean sheet mask phenomenon may be old news (remember those disturbing Insta-snaps of Rita Ora and Kelly Brook channeling the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look?), but the addition of a new – usually poisonous – ingredient has taken this particular South Korean trend to new extremes. The amino acids in the venom are said to block nerve signals that instruct the facial muscles to contract, hence the reduction in pesky wrinkles. So it’s essentially organic Botox, but for a fraction of the price – and without the pain. Where do we sign up?! £1 at

Pure smile Diversity mask with snake venom

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