All The Beauty Lessons You Never Realised You Were Learning From Euphoria

From the power of a neon smokey eye to the pros of gemstone liners, we've been taking notes


by Phoebe Lee |

When you pause for a second and look past all the raw, gritty brilliance that characterises Euphoria as one of the 'it' TV shows of 2022, you'll notice its impressive make-up offering. Ranging from gemstone liners and neon smoky eyes, to bare skin with full-frontal eyeliner, the make-up trends that take centre stage in Euphoria are as aspirational as they are dramatic.

Despite the presence of a few 90s trends, Euphoria does so much more than pay homage to brown lip liner and tweezed eyebrows. They're as imaginative and enthralling as the show's characters and plot and prove that it was well worth holding on to that 35-pan eyeshadow palette you thought you'd never use.

Doniella Davy - the show's head make-up artist - is responsible for all the looks you see on screen and her Instagram is a treasure trove of behind the scenes insight.

Already lost count of the number of noteworthy make-up looks that have been given screen time on Euphoria? We've tallied them up. Scroll down and screenshot:

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All The Beauty Lessons We've Learnt from Euphoria - Grazia 2022

Cassie's Gemstone Liner
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CREDIT: HBO, Euphoria

Cassie taught us that gemstone liner can be chic. The key? Keeping the gemstones small and using them to mimic a cat eye flick.

Hunter's Reverse Liner
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This requires a steady hand and perseverance. Pair with a blotted red lip and bare skin.

Maddy's Mega Sharp.
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CREDIT: Instagram @donni.davy

Donni Davy, head of make-up on Euphoria, says Maddy's extra sharp eyeliner wing took three pairs of hands to perfect.

Kat's Two-Tone Neon Smokes
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CREDIT: Instagram @doni.davvy

Euphoria make-up artist Alexandra French shared Kat's neon smokey eye on her Instagram page and Doni Davy said of the look 'Sam Levinson (creator of Euphoria) challenged me to bring a playful freshness to Kat's makeup. You'll see that many of her looks involve a super clean lower lash line and bright colours. I interpreted this as Kat still being kind of new to wearing makeup, and still very much using it to help figure out who she wants to be.'

Kat's Negative Space Nails
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CREDIT: Instagram @doni.davvy

Natalie Minerva was the nail artist behind Kat's negative space manicure, and used a chromatic perimeter around the nail to embellish the multi-coloured tip.

Lexi's Glitter Underye
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See the tiny specks of glitter under Lexi's eyes? It's an unusually subtle look for Euphoroa and the perfect way to go if you want to add a little 90s flare to your make-up without going all out.

Maddy's 90s Brown Lipstick
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90's lipstick is back. The team made Maddy's brown lip her statement make-up feature and kept everything else low key.

Barbie's Pastel Blue Eye
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Kat's make-up looks are eye-catching and bold. Subtlety not your thing? Go all out and own it.

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