Matilda Djerf Finally Reveals The Cult Hair Tool Behind Her Signature Style

It's a go-to for seasoned beauty editors too

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Big-time Swedish influencer, Matilda Djerf, made a name for herself in the hair world long ago. Her Instagram followers - a modest three million strong and counting - are as loyal as they come, always ready to 'like' and comment on a new outfit post or beauty look. Those big bouncy girls have to be the result of curling tongs, rollers and a 12-step process, right? Wrong.

Matilda's sartorial style has proved so popular over the years that she was able to launch an eponymous ready-to-wear fashion line - Djerf Avenue - back in 2019. Some might argue that it's her hairstyle she's most synonymous with, though. Sun-kissed, layered and undeniably Farrah Fawcett-inspired, Matilda's signature look has been gracing Pinterest and Tumblr feeds the world over for years.

Now, there's no doubt that genetics hold a lot of sway here - few people can shampoo, serum or mask their way to that level of hair density and shine, but as for the styling? Lock down a hairdresser who knows how to layer as well as the right hair tool, and you could soon be tonging your way to Djerf-like waves.

What does Matilda Djerf use to get her hair looking like that?

Also predictably a sensation on TikTok - read: 1.3 million followers- Matilda took to the video platform recently to showcase just how she achieves those signature waves at home, and it's all in her choice of hair tool. 'Whenever I wear my hair like this,' Matilda says in the video, gesturing to her bouncy hairstyle, 'I always get questions on how I do it, and it's obviously with the Dyson.' Mystery solved. Matilda holds the iconic Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler to camera, the nickel and copper edition that's entirely in keeping with Matilda's aesthetic.

Watch: Matilda Reveals How She Achieves Her Signature Hair Look At Home

'I use it as a curling wand,' she says. As for her bangs? 'These I always do with the round brush,' says Matilda, fixing the bristled round brush attachment to the styler. Matilda styles her fringe forwards over the brush, before switching to backwards over the brush and finally teases her fringe into a centre parting. Keen to copy? Shop Matilda's hair tool of choice below:

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The Dyson Airwrap made waves in the beauty industry when it launched back in 2018. Its patented

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