The Boardroom Bob: Meet The A-List’s New Go-To Short Hair Do’

It's the classic bob, but not as you know it.

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by Verity Clark |
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The bob is back, people! OK, truth be told, it never went away, but, judging by the A-list’s new cuts, there’s a new mood in jaw-skimming hair – a bobolution if you will. Last week, Gigi Hadid debuted a shorter new ’do to herald in spring; note her bob’s flicky ends. Meanwhile, the Oscars red carpet was a masterclass in voluminous bobs. Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Florence Pugh all sported styles that favoured height over length. Think Joan Collins in Dynasty. Just less Elnett. And then, there's Maya Jama who just revealed she's currently in her 'temporary bob flow'.

Sleek and meek this is not. The Boardroom Bob is a rebuttal of the neat, tidy, super-smooth cuts that have dominated the red carpet and our social media feed (thanks, Hailey) in recent years. A clear signal that the clean girl aesthetic is officially over and that the new(ish) era of the mob wife is showing no signs of waning.

‘There’s a rich, almost blow-dry roundness,’ says Luke Hersheson, hairdresser, bob connoisseur and purveyor of the OG haircut portmanteau, the ‘pob’ (posh bob, do keep up) when he fashioned Victoria Beckham’s signature lengths into a collarbone-grazing long bob in the noughties. ‘It’s slightly graduated and layered at the very ends.’ It’s these longer layers that give you the finishing flick currently favoured by Gigi and co.

Riffing off the old-money bob that gained popularity last year, the Boardroom Bob looks expensive. Hell, it looks like you’ve just stepped out of the salon fresh from your thrice-weekly blow-dry, ready for a meeting with your C-suite. But herein lies the secret. The BB requires minimal effort for maximum effect. Talk about working smart. ‘The cut should be doing 70% of the work,’ says Hersheson, who advises investing in a great cut. ‘The right hairdresser will usually need to see you two or three times to find the bob that suits you best.’

Styling this bob is also key; and note, loud luxury is in. Volume is a must – the higher the better. ‘Root lift is essential for that old Hollywood glamour effect,’ says George Northwood, the hairstylist responsible for the ‘Alexa’ – Chung’s infamous undone bob. He recommends spritzing roots liberally with a volume spray before drying. ‘It will add height in all the right places.’ Want more? Pop an old-school roller in the front section while you get ready. Flick and tuck the ends with a round brush, à la Sydney Sweeney, and bob’s
your uncle.

To avoid veering into boho bob territory, also take heed of Hersheson’s advice. ‘Hair should feel like one thing as opposed to tousled – run a wide tooth comb through dry hair to bring it all together without losing the shape or volume.’

Power suit optional.

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