This Is The Secret Behind Sienna Miller’s Perfect Blonde (And What To Ask For At The Hairdresser)

Her latest hair colour is the epitome of a creamy blonde

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Whether you're a bronde, blonde or brunette, or looking for pixie-crop inspiration or fringe ideas, if you're on the hunt for hair inspiration pictures, we're guessing Sienna Miller will have made your list. After all, she's been a beauty crush of ours for as long as we can remember.

Miller's trademark style? Think relaxed and bohemian - she is the Queen of artful tousling. But that's not to say she doesn't often mix it up with the odd polished look or two. And while the actress often errs of the golden blonde side of life, these days she's opting for a different iteration of the hue - a shade coined 'Custard Cream Blonde,' by Harriet Muldoon at Larry King.

Of course, as to be expected with Miller, it's a trend that looks as delicious as it sounds.

'Custard cream blonde is going to be the hot colour for summer,' says Muldoon, a blonde expert who recently created the same hue for Kate Hudson. 'If you want to mimic Sienna's summery hair then ask your hairdresser for a blonde with a pale undertone of yellow to give it a rich, luxurious effect. Highlights should be lifted to a yellow undertone to allow for the warmth to come though. Ask for a liquid colour smudge on the base to blend out the blonde and leave a seamless effect.'

So if you're after more Sienna Miller hair inspiration, you've come to the right place. Sienna's not afraid to experiment with colour, having dabbled with being a brunette as well as an array of pastel colours. She's also no stranger to a more dramatic chop, having sported crops and mid-length styles over the years.

From her iconic pixie crop to her beachy-boho style, keep scrolling for all the Sienna Miller hair inspiration you need below…


Sienna Miller Hair Evolution

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Golden Girl

Looking for a classic Sienna style? This is it. So flicky, so boho, so blonde.

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The Dark Side

We had totally forgotten Sienna previously went to the dark side - she looks lovely with these deep chocolatey locks.

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Toussled Waves

But Sienna's brunette stage didn't last long! Here's her back to her beachy-blonde best.

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Cropped 'do

Fancy a pixie crop? Here's Sienna's iconic Edie Sedgwick-esque do.

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The Classic

The ultimate Primrose Hill blowdry, these face framing layers are ultra-flattering.

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We love this tousled curtain-fringe look that's both relaxed and boho.

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This ultra chic 'do is a great way to style a relaxed updo.

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High Pony

We love this cute, mussed-up pony.

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Back in 2011 Sienna loved a quiff. Not gonna lie - we're still into it.

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Side Part

Gen-Z might say side-parts are out but we love the severe side part and loose texture of this look.

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Copper strands

A look that launched a hundred dye jobs: we still can't get over Sienna's rose gold hair.

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She's found her short hair stride! We adore this pink-tinged, edgy bob with loads of texture.

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Sienna turned up to Wimbledon in 2021 with an icier, blonder hair hue than we've we've seen her with to date and - we won't lie - we're seriously into it.

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Elegant up-do

2022 Wimbledon saw Sienna revert back to honey-toned highlights.

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Sienna with 'The Rachel'

In 2023 Sienna debuted the 'The Rachel' alongside the celebrity hairdresser Julien Farel. Sienna revealed a sleeker, smoother haircut that's reminiscent of 'The Rachel' - the style made famous by Jennifer Aniston in Friends. Blowdried and bouncy, Sienna's new strands are shoulder-length and shaped with with long, jaw-grazing layers - it's a look set to be screenshotted the world over.

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Custard Blonde

2024 was the year of Sienna's 'Custard Cream Blonde,' which has also been seen on the likes of Kate Hudson. Think a vanilla toned hue with hints of warm yellow.


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