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Bronde Hair: The Trend And How To Get It

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How To Totally Nail Bronde Hair

When blonde meets brunette, we get 'bronde': an in-betweener of a hair colour that will flatter a wide range of skin tones and won't require spending hours in the salon. We can hear your sigh of relief from here...

Combining the beachy glow of blonde highlights with the warmth of mid-brunette hues and the wearability of balayage and ombré styles, it's the perfect choice for anyone who has ever umm-ed and ahh-ed over the blonde / brunette conundrum: being indecisive about your hair colour has rarely looked this chic. It's no surprise that stars such as Chrissy Teigen, Brie Larson, Gisele and Blake Lively have all experimented with bronde.

From the colour technique to ask your hairdresser for, to the best at-home bronde DIY kits and the most lust-worthy celebrity bronde hair, we bring you your ultimate cheat-sheet to the colour we're all coveting in 2017. Here's what to know before you go bronde...

First things first - what is bronde hair?

Neither fully blonde or brunette, bronde is a multidimensional hue that perfectly compliments a tan and gives hair a beachy, lived-in feel. Early adopters include Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Lily James, Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr - which is pretty good company to be in, no?

How to get bronde hair: the technique

Fusing sun-kissed blonde tips and highlights with brunette lengths, going bronde (which is our new favourite beauty portmanteau) is best achieved using balayage - free-painting highlights on the hair, rather than using traditional foils. The result is a more natural, breezy effect that won't requite regular salon visits for maintenance - instead of one uniform block of colour, you'll be left with graduated highlights melting from brown to blonde. In fact, this subtle take on a blonde ombré arguably gets better with time...

If you're ready to try this supremely wearable trend, check out our top tips then book into one of our favourite salons for balayage colour - or read on to find out how you can get bronde hair at home, DIY style.

Choose your bronde highlights wisely

‘This style is all about subtlety. Make sure your colourist takes the time to find the right tones – the correct ones should be only two, or at most, three shades lighter than your natural shade.’ hair colour supremo Christophe Robin told us.

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Kathy Wimshurst, Senior Technician at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, adds 'Bronde is really versatile – it can be adapted to suit any skin tone so it's a great way to go a bit lighter if you're worried that blonde wouldn't suit your colouring. The trick is to get your colourist to create a personalised, bespoke colour just for you - if lighter colours don't work by your face, they can keep them to the lengths of your hair so you still get a beachy, summery feel, but the look still flatters your complexion.'

Low-commitment bronde means fewer salon visits

'It's a great low-commitment colour and is perfect for those wanting to look after the condition of their hair. Because you don't have to use bleach all over the hair, bronde is perfect keeping longer lengths healthy and ultra shiny. The glossing colours will smooth the cuticle, conditioning and strengthening, whilst giving high shine,' says Siobhan Jones, Colour Ambassador at Headmasters.

Try a balayage bronde

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'The key to the perfect bronde is to lighten hair by painting pieces freehand through the hair, making sure that the lighter colour is softer near the mid-section and thicker towards the ends. Just make sure you don’t have too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends or you’ll end up looking like you’ve had a dip-dye,' advised Despina Sianou, the Colour Director at Neville.

How to get bronde hair at home: the best bronde hair dyes

If you prefer to save some pennies and DIY, try L’Oréal Paris’s new Préférence Glam Bronde Kit, £7.49, which uses a rather snazzy highlighting formula and pro-designed colouring brush to place the scattered, honeyed streaks just so.

Does bronde work on short hair and bobs?

Rose Byrne © Getty Images

Noticed an army of brunette A-listers opting for a shoulder-skimming messy 'lob' with a handful of blonde highlights subtly worked through the ends? There's a good reason. Choosing a bronde shade is not just low maintenance and easy-to-wear - it's also a simple way of adding interest and movement to a choppy, shorter cut. For a case in point, see the likes of Rose Byrne, Chrissy Teigen and Miranda Kerr...

Bronde on long hair

If you're looking to experiment with colour on your lengths but don't want to be left with dry or damaged hair afterwards, bronde is actually a great option, particularly for those with darker hair. You'll only need to lighten your natural colour by a shade or two, minimising the potential for damage (if you want to take it lighter than that, consider asking your hairdresser for an Olaplex treatment).

Bronde vs balayage: what's the difference?

Getting confused by yet more new beauty terminology? Don't be. Balayage is a colouring technique rather than actual colour or shade, which can be used to achieve a variety of different looks on a whole spectrum of hair colours from dark to light. Bronde, meanwhile, is a shade which sits between blonde and brown, which is best achieved using the balayage colour technique. Got it?

How to go from blonde to bronde...

To avoid that stripey dark-and-light highlighted look that you may have inadvertently rocked in the early '00s (very Atomic Kitten), it's best to only stray two to three shades darker than your current blonde tone, so that the colours will blend flawlessly into one another. Ask your hairdresser for a tortoiseshell finish a la Cara Delevingne or Gisele.

How to get bronde hair from dark brown hair

Good news: it's actually easiest for brunettes to make the transition from dark to bronde. Ask for a variation of blonde and brunette shades to add warmth, movement and definition, and choose warmer hues rather than, say, opting for cooler platinum, for a seamless finish: think soft caramels through to honey tones towards the ends. Pinterest is your new best friend when it comes to bronde hairspiration...

Celebrities with bronde hair

The likes of Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio and Cara Delevingne have all experimented with bronde hair. Check out the gallery below to see our favourite A-list bronde hairstyles...

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