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The best pixie cut hairstyles

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It's arguably the hardest hairstyle to pull off, but also, one of the chicest. No, we're not talking about poodle perms (cause no-one, repeat, no-one can pull that off past 1980) - we're talking about pixie crops. Depending on the wearer, and indeed the cut, this style can look gamine and chic, or edgy and punky. It can bring out delicate features, or compliment stronger ones - or, it can go horrifically wrong and make you look like someone's mum. And not in the cool, Elle Macpherson, yummy-mummy way.

Pixie cuts for thick hair

With a slew of starlets now braving the chop again, we thought it was time to re-examine the pixie cut and why it can sometimes be so stylish, and sometime fall flat on it's face. Lily Collins debuted a sharp, short cut this week which was a stark depature from her usual coquettish, 1940s vibe, and gave her an incredibly cool, rockabilly vibe. Another success story has to be Michelle Williams, whose piecey-yet-pretty chop was the work of hair genius Sam McKnight. Sam told us of this cut 'Michelle allowed me to give her quite choppy ends while still keeping some more softness in the body. It meant she had both this edgy feel as it was quite a punky crop, but still this kind of feminine vibe to it."

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Pixie cuts for round faces

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Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Hudson

The secret, we reckon, is probably in hair type. Both Michelle and Lily have thicker, more naturally textured hair types which immediately means the style has more body and movement than someone like Jennifer Lawrence, whose mid-length style we reckon suits her better.

Pixie cuts for fine hair and pixie cuts with fringe

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Richie

The same goes for Nicole Richie, who's changed her hair colour so many times we wonder if she is in fact part chameleon, who has fine hair - it just makes the crop flat and harder to zhuzh up. We also have to give kudos to Halle Berry who basically invented the modern pixie cut, and newcomer to the short hair gang, Jennifer Hudson, who's curly 'do is beyond cool.

Pixie cuts for oval shaped faces

If you've got a heart or oval shape face, this style is especially flattering - even more so if you've lucked out on the genetic lottery and have quite sculpted cheekbones. If you're not sure, thing about what your hair looks like after washing if you do nothing. Short styles require more upkeep, and if your hair has a tendency to go flat, you might need to reconsider. And hey, if it does go wrong? Extensions are faster than Viviscal.

Pixie cuts for curly hair

halle berry pixie cut

You can even work a pixie crop if you have curly hair - just take Halle Berry's word for it.

Need for short hair inspo? Click through our hairstyle ideas for short, fine hair.


Short Hairstyles Haircuts - Grazia

Carey Mulligan Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

Carey Mulligan - famous for starring in The Great Gatsby (2013), An Education (2009) and more - has elfin beauty which means she can pull off pretty much any haircut she likes. This sandy pixie crop has got to be our favourite though.

Carey Mulligan Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Mike Marsland / Getty Images

Carey Mulligan made her pixie crop red carpet ready with retro finger curls, taking inspiration from her character Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. We're not sure we could pull off '20s hair and makeup as well.

Emma Watson Short Haircuts Hairstyles
3 of 50
CREDIT: Dimitrios Kambouri / Getty Images

Emma Watson's post-Potter haircut is still one of our favourite hair transformations of all time. She told The Metro back in 2010 that the choice to cut her hair was an ode to the end of the Harry Potter era and also signified her desire to establish her own identity, separate from Hermione Granger.

Faye Marsay Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

You may know Faye Marsay as The Waif in Game of Thrones, but off-screen she's all modern-day glamour. Her cropped bob is sleek and sophisticated, and her dark eyes and lips increase the drama of her look.

Kate Mara Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Actress Kate Mara's boyish pixie crop is one of the coolest celebrity haircuts ever. The House of Cards (2013) and The Martian (2015) star has a strong jawline and feminine features which means she can pull off shorter hair.

Kate Mara Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Getty Images

We also love Kate Mara's slick wet-look take on the pixie hair trend. The extreme side parting makes it dynamic (but we're betting there is a lot of hairspray involved).

Kate Mara Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Getty Images

For a more laid-back, girl-next-door look, Kate Mara styled her pixie crop with waves and casually-swept fringe. She is our modern-day pixie crop icon.

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Barry King / Getty Images

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin's - known for Walk the Line (2005) and Zootropolis (2016) - rocks an asymmetrical pixie crop hairstyle really well. Her pixie facial features hold the hairstyle on its own, so we bet it takes her roughly a minute to style every morning.

Halsey Short Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Noam Galai / Getty Images

Singer Halsey's 20s-style retro finger-curled pixie crop is sleek and chic, and the pink tinge to the blonde colour adds glamour and drama.

Lea Seydoux Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Rindoff / Le Segretain / Getty Images

Bond girl Lea Seydoux's short haircut is just on the verge of crossing into bob territory. It's incredibly feminine - just like her - and the bold lip adds drama. We have such a girl-crush on Lea.

Lupita Nyong'o Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o's short quiff hairstyle is absolutely flawless, which suits her beauty and amazing talent as an actress (if you haven't seen her in 12 Years a Slave you're missing out).

Michelle Williams Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Michelle Williams once said that men hate her short hair. According to the Manchester by the Sea actress, the signature style was cut in memory of Heath Ledger: 'I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it.'

Ruby Rose Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Australian model, singer, DJ and TV presenter Ruby Rose is known for her sexy sleek crop. It's as cool as she is (very), and she plays around with different quiffs, partings, and colour.

Sola Bamis Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Model and Mad Men (2014-2015) star Sola Bamis' short cut is beautiful and oh-so cool. Her gorgeous smile and bold lipstick complement it perfectly.

Amber Rose Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Amber Rose is famous for her bleached shaved cut, but it is definitely one for the brave. We're not sure she would look as cool if she wore her hair any differently.

Zendaya Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Steve Granitz / Getty Images

Zendaya's super-short crop is worn in retro finger curls to glorious effect. Pair with smoky eyes and strong brows for full Hollywood drama.

Zendaya Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Actress Zendaya's boy-cut curtains hairstyle really shouldn't work, but somehow it really does. Wear with conviction - dramatic makeup and statement jewellery - to execute this look well.

Elizabeth Debicki  Haircuts Hairstyles
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CREDIT: Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki - who played Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby (2013), and has since been in TV shows such as The Night Manager - undoubtedly suits shot hair. The blonde side-swept pixie crop complements her bone structure and delicate facial features.

Short Hairstyles Haircut Ideas
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Known for starring in the Thor films, Jaimie Alexander's short haircut is one of the most copied hairstyles of the year. We love the cool quiff and edgy cropped sides. Oh, and the glasses are the perfect touch.

Short Hairstyles Haircut Ideas
20 of 50

Kristen Stewart's super-short bleached bob haircut is top of our haircut lust list right now. And we're loving the dirty-blonde roots - they add a coolness to the look (and letting your roots grow out is a great way to save money at the salon).

Short Hairstyles Haircut Ideas
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Vampire Diaries* star Lucy Fry used to have thick long blonde hair, but her slick pixie haircut is oh-so cool. Though, we think her Cara-esque eyebrows are what make this look so awesome.

Short Hairstyles Haircut Ideas
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Spanish actress Paz Vega's voluminous pixie crop is perfect for pulling off statement makeup looks. The OA (2016) and Spanglish (2004) star has pulled off all hair lengths, but with a face like hers it wouldn't be hard to.

charlize theron anne hathaway hair short hairstyle
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Oscar winner Charlize Theron gave her pixie crop a modern feel with blonde highlights, but the small quiff is definitely a glimpse back to boyband the fashion of the Noughties.

charlize theron anne hathaway hair short hairstyle
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In ode to her profession, Anne Hathaway cut her hair short for her all-encompassing role in Les Miserables (2012). At first she hated it, but even she can't deny that the boyish cut actually suits her feminine facial features perfectly.

julianne hough
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Dancing with the Stars* pro and Safe Haven actress Julianne Hough rocked short hair in 2014. She looked very chic with it slicked back over to the side.

julianne hough
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Actress and dancer Julianne Hough has worn her short hair in an array of styles. Here she has swept her bangs across which frames her face beautifully.

julianne hough
27 of 50

Julianne Hough looks amazing with her short hair waved and textured. She looks beachy but still glamorous.

frankie bridge
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Frankie Bridge, 1/5 of the girlband The Saturdays, is well-known for going for the ultimate chop. She cut her long brunette hair into a boyish pixie cut with shave sides and full fringe years ago, and we love it. It perfectly complements her delicate and pretty facial features.

jennifer lawrence short hair
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Hollywood sensation Jennifer Lawrence has also joined the ranks of A-listers who have experimented with short hair. She styled hers in a boyish quiff at the Oscars in 2014, but styled it with silver jewellery and a red ballgown. The overall effect was so cool.

jennifer lawrence short hair
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Jennifer Lawrence looked very girl-next-door with her short hair swept across her face. She made it more Hollywood-glamour by putting highlights through it.

marion cotilard
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Actress Marion Cotillard channeled her inner Elvis when she styled her short do in a dramatic quiff. So statement - we love it.

jessica alba
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Actress Jessica Alba styled her blonde bob in waves for the Hollywood-glamour effect, and she looked very pretty.

jessica alba
33 of 50

Young Jessica Alba looked very Noughties with her poker-straight blonde bob. We're not sure this will be a look she will be revisiting though...

jessica alba
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Jessica Alba experimented with her short hairdo, but putting extreme poodle curls for the Marilyn Effect. We much prefer her hair more natural.

victoria beckham short hair
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Victoria upped her short-hair game again and again. This time her pob was slick-back and glamorous, and her smoky eye makeup added to the drama.

victoria beckham short hair
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Victoria Beckham is the queen of short hair. Her graduated bob, or should we say 'pob' (posh bob) was the hair trend of the time.

victoria beckham short hair
37 of 50

Victoria Beckham's Noughties boyish crop was a dramatic departure from her Spice Girls look - a Hollywood reboot.

agnes deyn
38 of 50

Model Agnes Deyn is well-known for her short hair, and for good reason. Her jawline carries short hair really well, and it also looked good bleach blonde.

halle berry
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We think that Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry looks best with short dark hair - it complements her beautiful facial features and elongates her top frame.

vanessa hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens made a dramatic hair transformation in 2011 when she cut her hair into a short crop - far away from her long princess hair in High School Musical.

demi lovato
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After her days of being a Disney sweetheart, singer and actress Demi Lovato experimented with short hair, including with colour and lengths. Rock chick chic.

miley cyrus
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Miley Cyrus seemed to change her personality overnight under the spotlight's glare. The sweet country singer and star of Disney's Hannah Montana had pretty standard teenage hair up until 2012, when she injected some glamour into her look and rocked a balayage bob. In 2013, however, she did a full 180 and debuted a bleach blonde pixie crop. By pairing this staple short mop with provocative and wild outfits she quickly became someone we could not take our eyes off.

rihanna short hair
43 of 50

When Rihanna cut her hair short she played around with lengths and colours constantly. It was like she had new hair every week.

rihanna short hair
44 of 50

Rihanna has had tried every hairstyle it seems. Since the days of 'Pon de Replay' back in 2005 she has tried an array of looks and made-over her hair from one extreme to another, sometimes a few times in one year. Although her hairstyles are ephemeral they leave a lasting impression; we adored her bright red 'Only Girl In The World' crop in 2010.

rihanna short hair
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Ri Ri's sleek black crop in 2012 is one of our favourite of her looks.

scarlett johansson
46 of 50

Scarlett Johansson was another actress who went for the dramatic chop, from long blonde waves to a boyish crop.

coco rocha
47 of 50

Canadian model Coco Rocha is known for her short hair and pixie-like facial features. Here she is rocking an auburn shade and a small quiff.

coco rocha
48 of 50

Model Coco Rocha has worn an array of short hairstyles, and this is by far the most dramatic. The straight, bowl haircut would not be pulled off by most people it's for sure.

katie holmes
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Katie Holmes rocked short hair in the Noughties, and with great success. We love this casual side-swept boyish crop and smoky eye combo.

hayden panettiere
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Heroes* actress Hayden Panettiere has also gone for the cop and worn her hair in a crop hairstyle. The swept-back golden looks great with her California girl style.

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