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Silver Hair Dye: A Beginner's Guide To Dyeing Your Hair Grey Or Silver

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Tried and tested!

I wanted silver grey hair for years, but it took me three years of wanting to, two years of talking about it and several hours at the salon before I actually dyed my hair silver. The first time I ever home-dyed my hair I was 16. I decided it was a brilliant idea to dye my hair red, mere hours before a GCSE exam. As I walked into the packed exam hall, late, my hair a truly horrid shade of terracotta, I vowed I'd never dye my own hair again.

Like many vows I've made to myself, this one didn't stick, and fast forward (more years than I care to admit), and I'm home-dyeing again.

Last year, after months of debate, I finally took the plunge and bleached my hair and dyed it grey – my not-at-all knee jerk reaction to the increasing number of white-grey hairs taking over my head. The problem is, to be able to dye your hair grey you really have to strip all the natural colour out of your hair. This means it's really really hard to achieve - especially if your hair's as naturally dark as mine - and tricky to maintain. I quickly realised if I wanted my hair to be an icy silvery-grey for more than a couple of washes post-hairdresser appointment, I was going to have to start dyeing it myself. At home. Gulp

Despite my initial fears (I am truly rubbish at all things beauty related), over the past year, I like to think I've become something of a grey-silver hair dye aficionado. So, when The Debrief asked me to test out four grey/silver home dyes, I said: ‘show me the rubber gloves!’

So, without further wittering, here's which grey/silver hair dyes are to-die-for and which are just dead...

As I mentioned earlier, silver and grey are tricky shades to achieve and maintain, so if you’re thinking of dying your hair silver or grey, here are some expert tips from Sam Burnett, Owner & Creative Director of Hare & Bone on how to keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous for as long as possible…

  • An ice blonde colour requires a great toner or colour refresh shampoo. I recommend KMS Colour Vitality Shampoo for keeping a beautiful ash blonde and neutralising colour.
  • Sulphates are one of the biggest causes of colour stripping in the hair as they contain salt, which strips away moisture; causing colour fading. To combat this look for a sulphate-free or low sulphate products to keep the colour looking fresh in-between visits.
  • Olaplex or Goldwell Bond Pro Plus are great products as they strengthen the hair fibre & support bond stability giving a move even colour result to stop further damage. This works wonders on colour treated hair as it rebuilds the hair from the inside out. This can also be applied during the colour process, or as a take home treatment.
  • A good at-home regime is a must and is vital for keeping your hair in great condition when you leave the salon. Blonde hair in particular craves moisture! I recommend KMS Moist Repair Anti Breakage Spray to deeply reconstruct, strengthen and moisturise hair.
  • Minimise damage from heat and styling tools by lowering the temperature (the optimum is 180 degrees). It might take a bit longer to get ready in the morning, but your hair will thank you for it! Try and blow-dry your hair on the medium setting where possible as this is much kinder on the hair. Prep the hair using heat protective styling agents, my go-to is Therma shape range from KMS.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.