7 Iconic Phoebe Buffay Hairstyles Worth Revisiting This Year

Forget Rachel, this is the real icon

Iconic Phoebe Buffay hairstyles

by Laura Capon |

When it comes to iconic hairstyles, Jennifer Aniston (or Rachel Green) is normally your first thought, but can we take a minute please to appreciate the unsung icon that is Phoebe Buffay.

When it comes to fashion and beauty choices, Friends is the TV series that never goes out of fashion and while we’re all busy booking in for our ‘Rachel cuts’, we’re overlooking the incredible styles that Lisa Kudrow silently pulled off for 10 years.

From life-size butterfly clips to wispy fringes. Ringlet renaissance curls to ‘90s blow outs and of course, the bunches. Never forget the bunches.

While it can feel difficult to pull off hair accessories as an adult, we just need to look to Phoebe for proof that it needn’t look like you’ve just raided Claire’s.

Stuck in a style rut? While both Rachel and Jennifer stayed true to what they knew, Phoebe’s hair drastically changed episode to episode. Why should up ‘dos just be regulated to ponytails at the gym and messy buns for Sundays?

The show may have finished in 2004 but nearly every Phoebe hairstyle is back in fashion again, whether that be in the form of the Y2K revival or the ‘clean’ beauty movement.

We’ve somehow managed to narrow it down to seven, so here are the Phoebe Buffay looks you should never forget.


Phoebe Buffay's Most Iconic Hairstyles

Phoebe Buffay iconic hairstyles - 60s
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Pulling off a historical hairstyle isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Not for Phoebe however, who can clearly rock a swinging ‘60s inspired ‘do on any day of the week.

iconic Phoebe Buffay hairstyles - butterfly clips
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No one loves a hair accessory more than Phoebe Buffay. Who else could pull off 3 life-size butterfly clips and still look this chic? Certainly not us.

iconic Phoebe buffay hairstyles - top knot
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If it seems like everyone on TikTok is wearing this exact hairstyle: slicked back, with spiky pieces poking out. Just remember that Phoebe did it first.

iconic Phoebe buffay hairstyles - bubble braids
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Right from the pilot episode, Phoebe proved that she was the real hair queen, rocking styles that we would be emulating in years to come. These bubble plaits are not only cute but also one of the easiest on this list to recreate.

iconic Phoebe buffay hairstyles - bunches
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While most of us have that one hairband they go back to time and time again, Phoebe makes a case for a little more co-ordination here, matching her pigtail bands to her top.

iconic Phoebe buffay hairstyles - blow dry
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When we think of iconic blow dries, we tend to think of Rachel, but when Phoebe does it, we take notice because it’s such a change from her regular style. We’ll be screenshotting this for our next hairdresser appointment that’s for sure.

iconic Phoebe buffay hairstyles - ringlets
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The ringlets, the corset, this might be the only woman who can pull off both Y2K and renaissance looks to such aplomb.

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