News Flash: Jennifer Aniston Just Got A New Haircut

She’s embracing her natural wavy texture

Jennifer Aniston curly hair

by Laura Capon |

When it comes to her hair, Jennifer Aniston knows exactly what works for her. Those sun-kissed Californian highlights and sleek, shiny locks are part of her signature look and she rarely strays from it.

As well as being loyal to her look, Jen is loyal to her long-term hair stylist Chris McMillan who has been with her since those iconic Rachel days.

However, it seems the pair were feeling a new look as Chris posted a picture to Instagram revealing Jen’s new summer look.

“Nothing better than a fresh summer cut,” he wrote. Adding, “A good haircut should do the work so you can just wash and wear your hair natural for the summer”.

It looks like Jen took Chris’ advice to heart, as not only does she have a new shorter length, but she also has ditched the straight look and embraced her beautiful, natural curly hair texture.

With her hair casually flipped in a side part, Jen’s new summer cut is the ultimate beach wave look. Think cool surfer girl who just rolled off her board and straight to dinner.

Of course, Jen kept her signature blonde highlights, after all what’s a summer refresh without some sun-kissed colour.

Hopefully Jen will encourage more curly girls to embrace their natural texture and for anyone not blessed with waves, it’s time to stock up on the sea salt spray and ditch the hair dryer.

Thanks for the inspo, Chris.


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CREDIT: Cloud Nine

With its sleek and shiny design, Cloud Nine's waving wand has everything you could need from a wand set. With heat-resistant style case and glove as well as a Cloud Nine Summer Essentials kit, including their Magical Remedy and Magical Potion.

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