Jessica Biel Approved The Bob Haircut With A Dramatic Transformation – Here’s How To get The Look

Zendaya, Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Bieber are all part of the cropped hair crew, too.

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If there is one haircut dominating beauty headlines right now, it's the bob. The cropped, shoulder-scrapping cut may have long established itself as a classic go-to for those looking to make a bold statement, but a new flurry of A-listers have come out in their droves to prove that the style can be enjoyed no matter the occasion. Need proof of its power? Look to Jessica Biel who just gave the bob haircut the seal of approval in a big way.

Taking to Instagram, the actress revealed her dramatic transformation with the help of a TikTok style transition video (viral gun shot sound included), which she marked with an apt caption that read: 'Brought back the f*** ass Bob 💇🏻‍♀️'.

While seemingly crude, the clever caption is a nod to the viral internet phrase describing the short 'do – the origins of which are hotly contested. Whether it did indeed spring into being in 2017 with a Vine of two girls mid-argument or used to describe Euphoria character Kat Hernandez's hairstyle, one thing is for sure, Biel has just resurrected the 'F*** ass bob' or FAB: a centre-parted, blunt cut that is chunky, mushroomed and stops at the chin or neck.

Biel isn't the only one enjoying the look. Earlier this year, the Oscars red carpet was awash with nuanced takes on the bob thanks to Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Florence Pugh who all sported styles that favoured flow and volume over length.

Kourtney Kardashian has been flirting with a short, sharp bob for some time and has been known to revive the style by giving it a platinum blonde makeover. But this isn't her first run in with the look, after debuting her hair on Instagram Kourtney posted a Story of herself in 1995 with peroxide lengths and a caption reading 'bored during finals, convinces someone to dye my hair blonde to procrastinate,' proving the look is one that comes back in vogue time and time again.

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Zendaya's eagerly anticipated bronde bob made its debut at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards and SAG Awards, as the Golden Globe winner made her bold return to the red carpet. She'd teased it on her socials for weeks beforehand, but nothing prepared us for Zendaya's bouncy blown out butterfly bob. Layered, curly and full of volume, it made for a dreamy and romantic pairing with her sugar-pink custom-made Valentino Haute Couture gown which she wore to the SAG Awards.

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Singing from the same hymn sheet, Hailey Bieber started 2023 afresh by chopping off her XXL long lengths, which took her three years to grow out. Her sharp boxy bob is currently coated in a glossy honey blonde glazethat makes for the perfect off-duty look.

The lesson to be learnt here is that the bob cut retains its popularity because it's so versatile. It works with virtually any hair texture,hair colours and face shape, there really isn't just one way to wear it. In fact, there are multiple takes on the cut, be it a box bob, a bouncy bob or a bob with bangs, the beauty lies in its entirely customisable nature – as proven by the celebs who are riding the high waves of the trend now.

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How to wear the bob haircut

If, like the aforementioned celebs, you're brave enough to make the chop, we recommend taking inspiration images of your favourite looks to your stylist (feel free to screenshot the images in our gallery below). A professional will be able to unpack the style and determine how best to work it into your unique look. If Hailey Beiber's popular boxy bob is your bag, International Session Hairstylist Syd Hayes says, _'_This looks super flattering as it’s been cut just above the shoulders so there’s still some skin and neck on show which makes it cooler. It’s great for accentuating your bone structure too thanks to the lack of graduation and layers throughout. A modern take on a classic style.'

'Ask your hairdresser for a box bob – short and sharp but super flattering,' he adds. 'It's great to see a classic sharp shape - something striking and less about the layers and more about straight lines and angles! It really is a power haircut. The blunt cut makes hair look fuller and thicker which is exactly what you want for a shorter haircut. I love how Bieber has styled it with a bit of a grungy texture. To create this look I’d recommend running the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener, £50, lightly over your locks to seal the cuticle and weather-proof it to control frizz and flyaways. Finish with the Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Spray, £27 to add some grittiness to the finish.'

Depending on the style of bob you opt for, the cutting rules will differ. Ready to take the plunge? Scroll through our gallery ahead of your next salon visit.

Bob haircuts to inspire your next salon visit

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