This Cult Hair Syrup Is Selling Out Because Of TikTok

Apparently, it boosts growth and improves hydration

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by Laura Capon |

At this point TikTok is equally bad for both our productivity levels and our bank balances.

Whether it’s a £12 face roller that removes excess oil, a blackhead busting toner or a lip gloss trend that cheats the look of fillers with just two products, you can guarantee we want to try it.

See the thing with TikTok recommendations is, they are always on point. Whether it’s a bargain or investment buy we can almost always guarantee results. Which is why we now need this hair syrup in our lives asap.

If you don’t know what a hair syrup is, don’t worry. Neither did we.

Turns out it’s the name of a brand of pre-wash treatments, each focusing on a different hair problem.

The brand was founded by Lucie Macleod during the 2020 covid lockdown, who originally created hair syrup for her own use. Demand from TikTok prompted Lucie to turn it into a brand and now users are obsessed with the results.

Main image credits: TikTok @sophiebarkleyy @hairsyrup

Watch: TikTokers use the viral hair syrup

TikTok user @sophiebarkleyy gave it a 10/10 saying it left her hair so shiny and soft, while @billiejairadford credited it with helping boost her growth after bleaching left her hair damaged.

In fact our very own fashion assistant, Charlotte Pavitt is also a huge fan after also being influenced to make a purchase because of TikTok - 'I bought the 'Rapunzel' hair syrup (which is touted to help with hair growth) ahead of my April wedding after seeing it on TikTok (#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt) hoping for a bit of a boost to my hair for the big day – and I wasn’t disappointed. Not only does it smell delicious, but with each use it leaves my frizzy wants-to-be-curly-but-not-quite hair smooth and bouncy, and the ends feel sealed with oily-goodness that lasts a few washes. I also swear its directly contributed to the spurt of hair growth I’ve had in the last few months.'

Hair Syrup is available in 7 different versions depending on your hair concern but if you’re unsure where to start, we would recommend the original formula.


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