GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush: Does It Work On Curly Hair?

Is it all hot air or does this tool really work? We put it to the test...

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Did you know GHD stands for ‘Good Hair Day’? Back in 2001, they made that statement a reality for nearly every woman I know with the launch of their ceramic hair straighteners. Fast forward 18 years and they are looking to come true on the promise once more with the GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush.

Bursting into a marketplace already saturated by Revlon, Babyliss and Dyson’s savvy AirWrap, there's a heck of a lot of pressure on a relatively tidy-sized brush. Billed as ‘perfect for second-day hair’, it looks like GHD are doing their best to dampen expectations.

However, technology is on their side. Using the brand’s ceramic expertise with an ioniser, the brush heats up to a sizzling 185ºC while those ions work to decrease frizz. At a cost of £125, it’s not exactly cheap, but it is less than their straighteners, which retailed between £139 and £175.

Opening the slimline box reveals a black brush with a long electrical wire and a matte finish. After plugging it in, the Glide zings into action with the quick flash of the on-switch. It has two lengths of bristles to ensure the combs are able to detangle and heat in unison. However, I recommend brushing your hair before using the glide to make the whole process smoother.

So, does it work? On a good day I have 3B curls and on a bad day 3A. If that last sentence meant nothing to you, it's likely you’ve already got straight(ish) hair. If so, this brush will be a last minute fall-back for when you've slept in a ponytail and have a big kink across the nape of your neck. My review is for those girls that, like me, have ringlets and S-shaped curls, that live with frizz and flyaways on a constant basis.

At the best of times GHD irons (post a quick blow-dry) still take me at least 30 to 40 minutes of straightening to achieve a slick poker effect. I skipped the blow drier today and, yet, it still took less time (17 minutes to be precise) to achieve a definitively straight effect.

Caveat: the end result wasn’t perfect, but it was damn near it. I had less frizz and my curls were calmed into something resembling straight hair, albeit with a few kinks. Perhaps, I just need more practice.

Ghd glide review

The Pros:

No more burnt ears and fingertips! It’s quick and easy to use. The device feels comfortable to hold and as it’s not too heavy so you won’t feel the arm ache of a hairdryer. Plus, the head heats up relatively quickly – about 90 seconds, I know in the grand scheme of a curling tong (four seconds) this is arguably a lifetime – but it is remarkably hot.

The Cons:

Due to the shape and size of the brush head, it’s never going to be as precise as an iron or be able to get as close to the root. It would also be very difficult to smooth one specific kink. The result, however, looks closer to a natural effect with some nice movement, rather than that poke straight finish achievable with a straightener.

The Verdict:

I’m sold. Easy as that.


Ghd Glide Hot Brush

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