This Genius New Ghd Tool Is The Quick And Easy Way To Get A Blow Dry Every Day

If you can't make your airwrap curls last this could be just the ticket...

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ghd knows more than just a few things about pioneering technology in the realm of hair tools. Take the ghd Duet for starters, which garnered rave reviews the world over thanks to its wet-to-dry straightening prowess. And then there was the ghd Chronos, the brand’s most amped up straightening iron to date. The latest launch to have joined the ranks of gold-standard styling? The ghd Duet Blowdry, £379, which, we predict, is going to be a sell-out.

The ghd Duet Blowdry at a glance:

  • Wet-to-dry hair dryer brush

  • Snag-free heated bristles - no tangling.

  • Elliptical shaped heated barrel plate for volume.

  • Controlled airflow for a flyaway-free finish.

  • Suited for use on all hair types

Smaller sections = tighter curls

What does the ghd Duet Blowdry do?

The ghd Duet Blowdry is a 2-in-1 hair dryer brush that claims to ‘effortlessly transform wet hair into a luxuriously smooth, voluminous blow dry finish with no heat damage, 3x more volume, no frizz and 50% more shine.’ Bold claims, indeed. There’s the innovative Heat-Air Xchange Technology to thank for this - ‘a pioneering aerodynamic system that harnesses airflow to actively heat the barrel, creating effortless, salon-worthy blow dries at home.’

Jeroen Temmerman, Ghd’s CEO, credits the team of scientists and engineers based at the ghd R&D labs in Cambridge as being integral to the levels of research behind this ‘boundary-pushing’ launch. ‘We have revolutionised the breakthrough wet-to-dry category once again,’ he says. ‘Unlike any other blow dry brush, duet blowdry has pioneering technology at its core, for perfect blow dry results from wet hair, with no heat damage and 40% less energy consumption than a hairdryer and a brush.’

That's all well and good, but does it really work? Or is it all, if you'll pardon the pun, hot air?

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For long lasting wet to dry styling

Introducing ghd's latest launch, the Duet Blowdry. Hot off the success of the original Duet (the hairdryer straightener in one), this new tool promises wet to dry styling with snag-free heated bristles to prevent tangling, elliptical shaped heated barrels for creating volume and controlled airflow for a flyaway-free finish.


  • Ideal for taming flyaways
  • Less damage than with traditional heated brushes
  • Lightweight


  • Still an investment purchase

How we tested it

Rachael Martin, beauty editor:

'I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of the ghd Duet Blowdry back in April. Since then, it’s become integral to my hair routine. I've managed to whittle down my wash days to just twice a week and I've used this as the perfect excuse to get to grips with the tool over the past few months. I apply it to towel dried hair, initially rough-drying and then creating volume at the roots via a combination of tension and heat - I'll hold it in place for around 3 seconds. I'll then pull the brush through in a twisting motion to create the blowdried finish - the smaller the section the more pronounced the curl and the bigger the section the more voluminous the finish. I’ve also used it to refresh my dry hair for special occasions - but not without a hefty dose of heat protectant.

How to use the ghd Duet Blowdry

Begin with wet, towel dried, tangle free hair.

Add your volumising product of choice - ghd recommend its newly launched volume forever blowdry cream as the perfect accompaniment. This will provide a lightweight thermal protective layer while adding serious ‘oomph.’

Loosely dry hair with ghd duet blowdry by brushing hair, until mostly dry.

Next comes the volume. Hold the ghd duet blowdry underneath the section for 3 seconds. Lift the tool up and away to add volume at the root.

To add a curly finish, roll and glide the brush at the ends of hair - this will create that salon worthy blowdry. Smaller sections will create a tighter wave and bigger sections will give a more voluminous finish.

Our verdict

'I’m really careful about the tools I use on my hair. My strands are damaged and brittle (the price I pay for frequent highlights) so ensuring any heat I use won’t cause damage (or at not least too much of it) is integral to the choices I make. The research behind the Duet Blowdry reveals how ‘no thermal hair damage was detected after 100 cycles of 4 passes on thoroughly towel-dried hair.’ This stat is likely to be reassuring for those who also have weak, breakage prone hair but who still wish to apply heat on occasion. Typically, I'm cautious where heated bristles are concerned too - in the past I made the mistake of using a particular Tiktok famous brush which saw my mid-lengths begin to snap. Not only does the Duet Blowdry ensure controlled heat levels, but it also makes use of snag-free bristles. These bristles feel gentle, and glide through my hair with ease - a must when renewed hair health is at the forefront of my mind. I also have the joys of dealing with frizzy and wiry texture. Although this tool didn't rid me of every last flyaway, I did see an improvement in the overall finish of my hair. It looked softer and smoother thanks to clever controlled airflow which gently dries the hair via a carefully positioned vent. The style really lasts too - I've had around 3 days of locked-in volume before I really consider my hair in need of a refresh.

Watch: The ghd Duet Blowdry in action

Final thoughts

I’m impressed. I struggle to create anything that resembles a blow-dry at home, yet this one seems to do the hard work for me. It's easy to use and leaves my hair looking soft, shiny and bouncy - and the volume lasts up to three days, all while minimising pesky flyaways. If you’re someone who wants that "oomph" (and perhaps can’t get your Airwrap curls to last) then this could be just the ticket - as someone whose style is prone to falling out swiftly, the staying power here is genuinely impressive. I would say it does take longer than a traditional rough blow-dry - but when I'm skipping out a whole styling step in favour of one tool, then I won't complain. An investment? Perhaps. But a good hair day guaranteed.

Rachael Martin is Grazia’s Beauty Editor where she covers all things beauty, health and wellness.


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