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The Best Fake Tans For Pale Skin, Tried And Tested On Actual Pale Skin

What fake tans work best on pasty pale skin?

Tanning naturally for me is not an option. It never has been, even after a year living in Italy as an au pair my skin stayed a pale shade of cream, only darkening after a month spend chasing kids around a play park – and even then it only went a darker shade of cream. Beige, if you will. Yes, I got freckles and yes my hair does lightening, but tanning. Nada. Because of growing up with pasty pale skin (which, I have no issue with, I love my pale skin now) I have always struggled to find the right fake tan. I find most intimating, from the application to how long to leave before you wash it off, to that weird way they flake and smudge. Fake tan terrifies me. Which is why I decided to hunt down the best fake tan none to pale kind skin. Here’s what I found out.

The best fake tans for pale skin

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.