Easy Halloween Nails: The Definitive GIF Guide

Easy Halloween Nails: The Definitive GIF Guide

    By Chemmie Squier Posted on 29 Oct 2014

    Halloween is approaching, which is as good a reason as any to take a break from the crimson and greige nail polishes that are most women’s nail-uniform this season. Halloween, like every holiday and event has hundreds of Tumblr and Pinterest pages dedicated to intricate designs but, really, who can be bothered to use tape and dotting tools and glue and… you know where we’re going with this.

    That’s why we’re here to help. Thanks to legendary nail artist Michelle Humphrey, we’ve created a spooky Halloween nail tutorial that is so easy, you’ll be able to do it even if you have super shakey hands. And really who needs a costume when you’ve made an effort with your nails? Or something…?

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    Before you start your Halloween Nail Design, here’s what you’ll need:

    • Base coat

    • Top coat

    • Nail file

    • Fine brush

    • Black nail polish

    • White nail polish

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    Halloween Nails Method:

    Step One: Prep your nails by filing them into your desired shape and applying a base coat to stop the polish from staining your nails – we like First Base by Essie, £6.25. Now you’re prepped and ready to apply a coat of black nail polish as your ‘background’. We used Maybelline New York ColorShow in Blackout, £3.99, which only needs one coat but apply more if it’s not opaque.

    Step Two: Now for the actual cobweb design. For this, you need a fine brush, which you can buy really cheap from Amazon. If you don’t have time to order one, pick up a thin paintbrush from a craft shop or, if you want to be extra thrifty, use the (clean) brush of an old liquid eyeliner.

    Starting from the bottom corner of the nail, paint white lines in a star-like shape, diagonally across the nail. Michelle’s top tip? ‘Make sure you clean your nail art brush with remover regularly so it doesn’t get clogged up.’

    Step Three: Add in the detail by joining up each section with a slightly curved line. Repeat this up the nail to create the cobwebby affect.

    Step Four: Finish with a topcoat – something like Let It Shine by Essie, £7.60 – to make sure it lasts longer than those fangs you’ll be starting the night with.

    If you don’t have black or white in your collection, don’t worry – you can pretty much substitute the background for any other dark, Halloweeny shade. Just make sure you pick a lighter colour for the cobweb. We like purple and green as a Frankenstein-inspired alternative.

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