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Clip-In Ponytails

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Want to instantly make your hair longeraren't exactly fuss-free, especially if they’re bonded to your hair, and they require a lot of maintenance.

There is a low-upkeep alternative, though, if all you're after is some extra length for a day - introducing clip-in ponytails. Cheaper than hair extensions, easy to put in and take out, and reusable, it’s no wonder that clip-in ponytails are favoured by celebrity hair stylists likeChris Appleton and Ariana Grande{ =nofollow}. Clip-in ponytails are TikTok too, with a whole host of users videoing hair transformations that feature them.

Should you chose a human hair or synthetic ponytail?

When picking a ponytail).

How do you put in a clip-in ponytail?

With practise, ponytails{ =nofollow}are quite easy to apply and wear. Simply style your hair up into a pony, before then clipping-in the extension to the base - the underside of your hair tie - and then you wrap around the extension to cover your natural hair. Voilà.

Where do you get clip-in ponytails?

Simply browse our edit of clip-in ponytails below. Many sites provide a colour matching service, which helps to hit on the perfect one for you.

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A Guide To Clip-In Ponytails - Grazia 2022

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CREDIT: Cliphair


Cliphair do ponytails in three lengths: grande, classic and mini, which are a very affordable option for real hair. Having tried the grande and the mini, I'd have to say it's worth going for the mini (also the cheaper option) as it's easier to maintain, and looks more realistic when re-worn.

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CREDIT: Easilocks


Easilocks provide synthetic clip-in ponytails, which look realistic (if colour matched correctly). Trying their beach-waved ponytail, which sits at a low-price point of £39.99, I was surprised that I was able to re-wear it.

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CREDIT: Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana Karelina

Using real hair, Tatiana's ponytails are more far more expensive than buying a cheap synthetic ponytail, or a less-expensive human hair ponytail. But Tatiana's ponytails are hand-crafted, expertly colour-matched and made for the individual. And if you need evidence, the queen of ponytails herself (Ariana Grande) has even worn some of Tatiana's hair when she was on tour here in the UK. Another great - more affordable - option from Tatiana are the clip-in plaits, which due to their design (it consists of three strands of hair, which you can plait around your own) last for months on end.

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CREDIT: Beauty Works

Beauty Works

Beauty Works real hair extensions are not only luscious, but look seamless - it's easy to see why it's the brand favoured by Love Islanders like Molly-Mae (who even has her own shade with the brand). Yes, the ponytails are more expensive, but if you're going to wear it frequently on nights out, it's definitely worth the investment for a super-sleek statement look.

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CREDIT: Lullabellz


If you're not sure about the whole ponytail extension thing, then Lullabellz is a safe bet - their Grande ponytails are incredibly cheap, usually costing under £30. But the hair is synthetic, and won't last as long as the real deal.

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