A Celebrity Hair Stylist Shares His Top Styling Secrets

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by Grazia |

With names like Little Mix, Maya Jama, Caroline Flack and Neelam Gill under his belt, hair stylist to the stars Aaron Carlo sure does know a thing or two about hair styling. Grazia quizzed him to find out his top celebrity styling tips that he swears by, that can be used on all hair types...

1. Use a concoction of styling techniques

Creating Hollywood-worthy volume is easier than it seems, whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair. Aaron's top tip for this is to "pin up your hair while styling, as this helps the volume to stay at the root of the hair", which is exactly where you want it. So, if you're curling your hair, pin up each curl using a bobby pin, just as you would with rollers.

He also swears by using a mixture of "dry shampoo and a good grip spray", like a backcombing spray, to really hold the style and body of your hairstyle.

2. Always use a heat protectant, whatever your hair type

Aaron admits that the best way to keep your hair looking healthy is to always, always use a heat defence spray. He uses this on all of his celebrity clients. Spritz the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray onto your hair before straightening or blow-drying to protect it from heat damage and hair burnout ( which is frazzled-looking, dull hair that's been prone to too much stress and heat damage!). Aaron admits, "I always put heat protection spray on before styling, and then oil on the ends to blend any split ends."

And when it comes to styles, according to Aaron, the easiest red carpet hairstyle to pull off is the underrated ponytail. "It works well, suits any age and always looks cool and effortless." Noted.

3. Choose your tools wisely

One of the most sought-after A-list hairstyles is bouncy, Hollywood-style waves. Aaron tells us that achieving this style is all down to the tools that you pick. He loves a good "old-fashioned barrel curling tong. Let the hair twist as you wrap it around the barrel, and then pin the curl up to let it cool before you brush it out." Noted!

He also revealed that the temperature he uses for heated styling tools is "around 360℉", for optimal style and hold. Remember to always use the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray before using heated styling tools to protect your strands from damage. "Protecting your hair makes it so much more manageable and easier to achieve styles," says Aaron.

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4. Always straighten your hair in sections

Aaron tells us that to keep your hair looking ultra sleek and pin-straight, à la Selena Gomez, it's imperative to "straighten it in fine sections". This way, you won't have to go over the same section of hair multiple times, which will result in less damage. Use a bulldog clip to separate your hair, and work with 1-2 inch wide sections.

Hair is an important part of your identity, so make sure you look after it and avoid the burnout by keeping it protected with the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray. For more information about hair the right heat protect for you, visit All Things Hair.

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