9 Nostalgic ’90s Hairstyles And The One That’s Made Its Comeback

Sadly it's not the micro fringe

90s hairstyles

by Laura Capon |

If the return of Bourjois had you feeling nostalgic for your long forgotten teenage beauty products, wait until you see the hairstyle that both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have brought back this week.

When we think back to our go-to '90s hairstyles, it's hard not to picture Phoebe Buffay and her butterfly clip obsession. After all, our Caboodles were filled with more hair accessories than Claire's.

Then there were our Geri Halliwell-esque brassy blonde chunky highlights, which we achieved by drowning our hair in a mixture of John Frieda lightening spray and lemon juice during the summer holidays.

Naturally we alternated the Ginger Spice look with our crispy blue hair mascara streaks on weekends.

Whether we were creating space buns, bunches or Bantu Knots, the '90s really was the era where anything went, so it's hardly surprising then that Kourtney and Kim - who love to push fashion boundaries - are reviving the iconic tendrils.

We all remember that no ponytail was complete without ripping two sections of hair from the front of your face, the more overloaded with product the better.

Well, that is the exact look that Kim walked the Balenciaga show in at this month's Paris Fashion Week. Followed a few days later by sister Kourtney who also jumped on the tendril bandwagon.

Note that instead of a ponytail, Kim went with a chic low bun. Similarly Kourtney also went for the snatched look, but kept hers a little bit higher on the head.

In celebration of this return, we wanted to take a look back at some more iconic '90s hairstyles, which may or may not trigger some unwanted flashbacks.

Apologies in advance.


Nostalgic '90s Hairstyles

90s hairstyles B*witched
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1. Spikes - While we appreciate there's a lot going on in this picture, we want you to try and focus on Sinead's blonde spiked hairstyle because we know this bizarre spiking wasn't exclusive to B*Witched.

90s hairstyles Mariah Carey
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2. Ringlets - Admittedly Mariah makes ringlets look good, but back in the '90s if you were curling your hair it was Victorian era or nothing.

90s hairstyles Britney Spears
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3. Wispy fringes - While a separated fringe is the sign of a hair wash these days, back in the '90s it was the most desired cut. Trust us, all the popular kids were blow drying their fringes with a round brush before school.

90s hairstyles tia and Tamera dowry
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4. Super sleek - As our favourite sisters Tia and Tamera (sorry Kim and Kourt) show, if your hair wasn't relaxed or straightened to an inch of it's life back in the '90s, you really were missing out. If only we'd heard of a little thing called hair protector back then.

90s hairstyles Melissa Joan hart
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5. Micro fringes - Despite strong attempts by Amélie, the micro fringe is one trend that has never made a mainstream return.

90s hairstyles missy Elliott
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6. Short Waves - Missy was the Queen of the wet look waves but she wasn't the only one rocking them on the red carpet. Halle Berry was also a huge fan of this look, which has been steadily making its own rightful comeback.

90s hairstyles Pamela Anderson
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7. The bombshell blow-dry - While Kim and Jlo have all had an attempt at this iconic look, no one has quite committed to the level of back combing that Pamela Anderson did.

90s hairstyles Tyra banks
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8. Oversized accessories - We know you remember butterfly clips but do you also remember our obsession with any oversized clip, be it a flower or butterfly.

90s hairstyles Sarah Michelle gellar
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9. Slicked side parts - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears all sported these sleek 'dos. The key was to only ever slick the front... never the back.

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